Plan Check Santa Monica

The good news is they comped our meal. The bad news is that it needed to be comped.
We’ve gone to Plan Check on Sawtelle since it opened, never had a bad meal. We live in SaMo, walking distance to new Plan Check. Wife and I were excited to not even need to park, and by the fact they had more seafood items. They are not yet ready for prime time. One out of two drinks got sent back, Lobster pot pie had no lobster, other than a tiny piece in the top crust after major recommendation from waitress as being chock full of lobster. Burger and Pastrami gravy fries below average. Calamari was delicious. I’m sure they’ll get it right in time, but don’t go yet.



Tried the Nashville Hot Fried Fish Sandwich yesterday. It was bad. Leathery, overcooked fish, no crust to speak of. Drenched in red “spicy” oil that wasn’t actually spicy.

Probably should have complained, but having never been to the original location I assumed that was the best they could do.

It was pretty bad.

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Thanks for the warning @Eljeffy @Moomin.

Ever since I read that Plan Check lost their founding chef, Ernesto Uchimura, and the management group wanted to continue to expand, I had fears it’d be like Umami Burger (which is just awful nowadays). I hope they turn it around, but I’m not sure.


im confused.
you ordered food in a restaurant. you didnt like it.
why dont you have to pay for it?

Perhaps because the most expensive dish did not contain any of the main ingredient. Perhaps they felt that “lobster pot pie” should contain lobster. Who knows? They also totally screwed up one of their “signature” drinks, in our opinion, and having tasted it themselves, they concurred. Just a guess, since we did not ask to be comped, but perhaps they felt that the product they delivered was so far below their perceived standard that they, again perhaps, wished to express that in a financial manner, again perhaps, in the hopes of retaining us as customers. But I don’t know. We didn’t walk out on a check, they returned with my credit card and the bill and said it was comped. Should you still be confused, contact the restaurant, since I’m just guessing.


reading this, it makes me glad i am not in the restaurant business.
oh, and i’m not confused by the restaurant in this case, so i won’t be contacting them. they didn’t write, "it needed to be comped."
thanks for your concern, though.

Looks to me like they were gracious and showed hospitality, they certainly didn’t need to comp the check. It shows that they recognize the problem and are looking to get better not bury their heads in the sand about it.


Precisely. Had they just taken my money and acted as if this were normal, I would not return. Since they treated this as an unusual occurrence, I’ll give them a few weeks and try again.


I’m always in the minority with this opinion, but I really don’t like Plan Check (Sawtelle). I’ve been enough times to not want to go back, ever, not even to the new location.

In multiple industries, a little customer service goes a long way…


Feel like I’ve seen a few posts over the last few months talking about a downhill alert for the plan check southern fry, and unfortunately I can corroborate those alerts (Santa Monica edition). What was once probably my favorite fried chicken sandwich now is soggy and kinda flavorless. A damn shame because I really do love Plan Check (the service was pleasant, the drinks are pretty good, and both kinds of fries are tasty) and hope they can raise their game back up.

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