Please suggest a breakfast venue in Venice (with a few conditions)

Hi gang,
I’m suddenly drawing a blank for a venue in which to hold a pseudo-working breakfast in Venice for 3 people…

Not Superba (we’ve been there too much), but near Superba.
Not Gjusta/Gjelina (other participants said so).
Not Great White (too distracting with people watching).
Not Egglslut (too much in/out traffic).
Not Pie Hole (just didn’t like it in the past).

As always, Thanks in advance!



Second Rose. Can bring the breakfast to the outdoor patio if this weather holds. I’ve always found the AM hours at Rose to be pretty underpopulated.


Third Rose. Perfect for this.

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26 Beach, they even have a breakfast happy hour!

not venice i suppose

J Nichols in MDR. It’s not in Venice, but is about the same distance as Gjusta to Superba.

J Nichols

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26 Beach is a decent choice as they offer good breadth of options, but I always find the room distracting. Maybe check out French Market Cafe. Stick with the quiche, snag a sparkling water from the fridge, and have them pull you an espresso. I always had lovely mornings there when I lived in Venice (10 years ago …)

4th The Rose…IMG_3482

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Gjelina is wonderful

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Thanks kindly, but perhaps you should read the entire thread, not just the title. :smiley:

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I did… I was just giving it another try,


if i’m not to late… all these are sit down

kreation- abbot kinney

butchers daughter - abbot kinney

cows end - washington near pacific

maxwells- walgrove and washington - near venice HS- a true breakfast joint

sidewalk cafe- figtree- both on the boardwalk

flake- rose ave

firehouse- rose and pacific

french market- abbot kinky between washington and venice

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