Plugra Butter

Where can I get it now that Smart & Final does not carry it. Hopefully not to expensive like Surfas.

Walmart and Amazon both have it online.

I’ve seen Plugra at Whole Foods.

Whole Foods in OC carries Rodolphe le Meunier Baratte Butter. It’s amazing.


Have you checked Vons? My local (Torrance) Vons carries Plugra.

My favorite butter. I get it from DTLA Cheese, though. Haven’t seen it at any of the Whole Foods here. Maybe I should check again.

Oh, is “Plugra” what you were looking for??? :wink:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at the Ralphs near me (Brentwood/West LA).

It’s in the cheese section at the Brea WF. At the Irvine WF it’s in the butter section. Look in both sections just in case.


Easy - Get your Plugra at Ralphs.

Might be easier to answer if the question was, “What places do not carry Plugrá butter?”

For those of us in the Valley Epicure Imports has been reborn as “Epicurious Gourmet” and now has regular hours and a store you can walk into (for months you had to place your order ahead and pick it up). They have a great selection of butters for decent prices. I am partial to Beurremont which at $6.75/lb. is pretty reasonable for the quality. Here is their last inventory and price list,


I didn’t realize they had a storefront now. Will go check it out soon. I could never get organized enough to pre-order and pick up.

Lol! Why you bustin my chops! Lol for years I only seen Pulgra at Smart & Final and Surfas