🇳🇿 Ponsonby Road Cafe, a New Zealand shop on La Cienega in Beverly Grove

these were delicious. the top crust was flaky and buttery while the bottom crust had a crisp, almost crunchy texture with enough structural rigidity to allow for optimal hand to mouth action. no squidgy bottom here @TheCookie. Pro tip: reheat at 375 for twenty minutes to get it nice and piping hot. thanks again @EattheWorldLA.

and to answer your burning questions:
yes, i used tomato sauce (aka ketchup) because i’m fancy
no, i didn’t wait for the pies to cool off
yes, i burned the roof of my mouth
yes, i would do it again.

and now for @PorkyBelly’s personal power rankings sponsored by @rlw:

butter chicken
if you’re a fan of sweet and savory this one is for you. this reminded me of eating butter chicken, pizza and naan all in one. it was choice, mate.

steak and cheese
eaten with some ketchup this is the kiwi version of a philly cheesesteak.

steak and onions
the steak was a tad dry but it wasn’t very noticeable with the rich and fatty gravy.


In da’ hood… great!


Cross sections look fantastic! How’s the crust compare to other pie-stars (Gwen, Fat + Flour, etc.)?

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Holy crap, how did I miss this thread? I almost got giddy as soon as I was reading the thread title. As a dual citizen of NZ and the USA, I think I can give an official vouch for this place. Going to read through some more of this thread and see if I can provide some helpful feedback as well.


These are much better IMO.

Dang, that looks absolutely great! When I was in Montreal a few years ago, I was a big fan of Ta Pies, where you could get a wide variety of hand-sized meat pies, as well as family-sized ones. Excellent Lamingtons as well. Good to know that when we visit L.A. again (once things calm down), this place will be right there, in one of our preferred neighborhoods!

Apparently their jalapeno is their top seller, I think it may be my favorite. I’m of course more of a traditionalist when it comes to pie so mince is my standard and they nail it. I’m a little put off by the type of cheese but not enough to not finish it. Wasn’t a huge fan of the butter chicken but understand that’s going to be a bit more polarizing as well. Really enjoyed the sausage roll as well. Easily the best I’ve had outside of NZ. They do need to upgrade their salmon/lox game but I’m working on that.


Good to know, thx.

f+f definitely has the more substantial, buttery, crust out of the three. i think nicole’s crust still reigns supreme, but i like the chicken and crust/filling ratio better at gwen and ponsonby.

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