Porchetta Sandwich

I’m looking for a good porchetta sandwich; something close to the marvelous one that Evan Funke used to serve from his truck. Anyone know of something similar?

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I have no idea what Evan Funke used to serve, but Gjusta has a good Porcheta + Porcheta melt (philly-esque italian pork basically). Eataly might have something as well?


Last time I went to Eataly, about 1 month ago, the food was mediocre to downright inedible. The porchetta is not great, basically lunch meat and they add potato chips.

The porchetta butcher at Gjusta is far superior in every way imaginable. Dunking the sandwich in their liquid pork fat jus is amazing.



Best one I ever had was from a truck outside the Ferry Building in SF.

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Me too

I assume y’all are referring to this place?


SO SAD. That was such a perfect sandwich… Sadly we have yet to find one.

Porchetta Republic recently opened up their B&M location just west of DTLA. Park at the Fig/7th structure and walk over. Both Target, Nordstrom Rack and Victoria’s Secret validate if you have errands to run after…


Gjusta’s Porchetta Melt is delicious, though that toasted bread nearly ripped the roof off my mouth. Porchetta Republic does an acceptable porchetta sandwich. Neither has the fried pork skin that made Funke’s porchetta sandwich really special, nor that price point (OMG, was it really only $5?). I haven’t found anything like it yet and keep hoping that the truck roars back into business.

The porchetta melt and porchetta butcher at Gjusta are completely different sandwiches.

The butcher has the crispy skin added on top and you dunk the entire sandwich in the pork jus to soften the bread. I really enjoy this sandwich quite a bit.


We didn’t get any pork jus last time on our butcher

I have had this sandwich at least 5 times and I can attest that I may have gotten the jus half the time, now it is emphasized for them to bring it to me.


Sweet I’ll have to ask them next time thx for the heads up!