Pork Intestine Fix in LA - where do you get yours?

GL is basically a hole in the wall, while siem reap was more like the cadillac of cambodian restaurants in LA. but that pork intestine lunch special including that soup with a huge chunk of meat in it was only $6.50, while my last lunch for two at siem reap before they closed ran something like $44.

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the entrance to the lot is off college ave IIRC. you have to be looking for it to see it.

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I love those knuckle soups at Chinatown Cambodian joints.

A little LA history on College St check out the Joan of Arc statue at the hospital and “College Pharmacy” across from Jade Wok,
there is no plaque or indication but it is the site of Bruce Lee’s martial arts school.

Also LOL at the Shell Station on Hill x College, there’s a Wall of Shame for Shoplifters, seen nothing like it.

As for pork intestines, any taco truck with tripas, extra extra crispy

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Seems to have pivoted to try his hand at food blogging/IG. His IG is very active.

Just looked this up - so tripas are different from tripe! Okay, cool! I will look for that on menus!! Thanks for the tip!!! I get the official Bad Chicana award for not knowing the difference!

Crazy busy. But still eating offal. And everything else.

Thanks for occasionally checking my IG, @TheCookie. That octopus dish at chi SPACCA was delicious!

To bring it back to this thread, I’d probably suggest an intestine specialist in Koreatown like Ahgassi Gopchang, but I love the fried intestines too.


I’m in heaven!

Okay, now all I need to know is who is going with me to Ahgassi Gopchang?:yum:

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Hi @theoffalo -

Yah… I recently joined, but haven’t done much yet. I recognized your name and just had to follow. You do seem busy, but doing some interesting stuff.

Happy eating!

Luddite query: I’m assuming IG means instagram, right? (As opposed to ‘Inside Guts’)

yes that is correct.

I haven’t been in a while but the ones at Dollar Hits are strangely great.

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That’s GI…

Also, I’d like to point out that the Luddites were not anti-tech or afraid of tech. They just didn’t want tech replacing them (in the textiles industry) and then doing a shoddy job.

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Ja wohl. Luddites is also a new drinking game on this board - Just ask @bulavinaka

I had read that in the other post. That’s why I commented. :wink:

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Drunk as a skunk on a school night…

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[quote=“J_L, post:35, topic:4552”]
Luddites is also a new drinking game on this board
[/quote]No it’s not :smiley:.

have to second @theoffalo pick of aghassi gopchang kbbq for intestine. Had it there a couple weeks back nice charred taste on the outside melt in your mouth soft on the inside. Super fresh and no nasty barnyard taste.