Portable/Backyard pizza oven

I read about the Roccbox on Serious Eats. Kenji’s review was so glowing that I decided to get one. Its pretty fantastic! It really gets up to 900 degrees and does make neapolitan style pizzas in around 90 seconds. Its not cheap, $600 - I had to pay $50 shipping but its currently free shipping, but its worth it. It can use either propane or wood. Propane works great, but I haven’t been able to get it hot enough for neapolitan using wood (can do New York style). Its a little heavy, around 40 lbs, but it comes with a convenient carrying strap. The insulation is great. Here is the website, https://www.roccbox.com/us/ Great product!


Tempting. I prefer thin and crisp to Neapolitan style, so one of the cheaper ones might make more sense for me.

You can do thin and crisp with the Roccbox. It has a built in thermometer and the gas option is easily controlled. Of course if you never want to do Neapolitan it doesn’t make any sense to spend the money.

Yeah, I would never do Neapolitan.

It is a great little gadget though!

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That’s a nice crust on that pizza!

Thanks! I used this recipe, https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/07/basic-neapolitan-pizza-dough-recipe.html.

great to see the positive review. i’m waiting for my blackstone pizza oven to fall apart to upgrade to the roccbox but so far, 4 yrs and tons of pizza, pitas, in it’s still chugging along …

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Damn! Now I want a Roccbox, too.

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In honor of @robert, and the fact that my lovely wife of thirty years prefers thin crust, crispy pizzas, I did a classic New York pepperoni tonight. I used the wood burner on the Roccbox and brought it up to a little over 600 F (Ken Forkish recommends this temp for NY style pizzas). Cooked it for around five minutes instead of the 90 seconds for a Neapolitan at 900 degrees. Turned out beautifully. Couldn’t taste much wood flavor so I will probably stick to gas in the future (I am a die hard charcoal grill person so this is a deviation). Highly recommend this gadget @attran99!


Looks spot on.

Nice pie and pepperoni cups! Btw, for natural casing pepperoni, go to superking in the deli section. Beautiful cups at great price.

Here’s my rendition of the Rosa from bianco.
I also don’t really do Neapolitan as my wife likes a crispy crust. I lower the heat and cook it about 5 min as well in the blackstone.


Gorgeous! I have to do that!!


Just rented the roccbox from joymode for the weekend. Made bavel’s harrisa shrimp

And roasted sardines

So far so good—great for fish and seafood


I’ve been jealousy following along! Now I totally want a roccbox. Everything you’ve made looks so good.

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I decided to buy myself one of these. I’d have gotten the 6500, which can get hotter, but they’re out of stock and it might not arrive for two months. I prefer crisp pizza, so 700° is fine.

Also getting the legs, side table, and wind door. I’ve got a steel peel already.


This really is the golden age of home pizza making. You got the Wolfgang mockmills a line of affordable stone mills and a bevy of new ovens. On the high end, the breville pizzialo, Roccbox, and pizzaparty Ardore.

On the low end ooni just launched their koda, a $299 portalable backyard oven. And then there’s Blackstone pizza oven.

For my money I’m gonna pull the trigger on the Ardore by pizzaparty.

Looks like a good choice

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:scream: It’s even on sale right now…making it only slightly more expensive than the Roccbox…and if you upgrade the stone piece…that’s on sale, too.

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