Porto's Bakery to open in Northridge


I have been celebrating all afternoon after I heard the news!

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I have to go to Northridge a lot. This is a big deal for my family

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Do we know where in Northridge yet?

Yes, the Sears auto center in the Northridge Fashion Center.


hope they can reuse the grease


In case anyone was wondering, the line for the Porto’s in West Covina was out the door and extended the length of the building. I know it’s a brand new store and people are excited, but I was still amazed at the line since it’s a GIGANTIC store with, I assume, extended capacity. And STILL there’s a line of that magnitude. I wonder why Porto’s has not been more aggressive in their expansion plans. The recipes are obviously scalable.

I’ve read that they prefer to expand gradually. I’ve seen new locations come up enough to know that the first 2-3 months is a ridiculous rush, but it generally calms down after that with the exception of peak periods. There’s not a whole lot they can do to manage the masses…with grand openings, there’s never enough staff even when they purposely overstaff. It’s actually more efficient to call ahead and order 24 hours in advance if you have a large order (i.e. cheese rolls, potato balls, cakes, etc.). I’ve also been able to sneak in some individual items or sandwiches when I come for pick up.

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More aggressive? How much more aggressively can a technically mom-and-pop open new locations?

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haha… word. they’re running DMV size places now. I need to go explain to them the need to raise their pricing to maximize profits.


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I guess I don’t really view them as a “mom and pop.” Any company that can serve that many customers a day (esp. over all of their locations) doesn’t qualify as mom and pop to me anymore.