Portugal (for discussing all things about food in Portugal)


Hit me with the yummy!


If you’re getting info from other sites - CH? - I hope you’ll share. We were in Lisbon some years ago and would be interested in going back.


yea, i’ll share after trying the places we find… if CH is chowhound, i haven’t been there for years.


Well, more than here


What’s your login?


You don’t have to log in to have access to the site.


CH suuuuuuuuuuucks. Might as well just use trip advisor. But I’m asking the people of FTC here


It may now but it didn’t used to. (And I don’t know if it does as I don’t use the current stuff.) I go back in time and get things I’d remembered but not saved elsewhere. And since no one HERE has spoken up…

ETA: If you’ve not gotten worthwhile things from CH, then that’s a shame. Lots of great stuff there. I think all former CHs would agree.


I’m a former CH. I asked the board where I enjoy the people. I am just using my other methods this time I suppose


I thought most of the people on CH were super. I learned a ton from them. Sorry you didnt enjoy them.