Post your Caesar Salad recommendations here

If you enjoy a classic Caesar Salad, updated with just a bit of Y2K nostalgia, try the version at Ostrich Farm.

The romaine remains crisp, even though it’s grilled, the croutons are house-made, and the requisite anchovies are, well, probably better than they need to be.


nancy’s caesar @ osteria mozza


Alimento has probably the best version I’ve ever had.

Dan Tana’s for the win.


Well, now that’s an interesting - and appealing - take.

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Taco Maria’s version is pretty awewsome.

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Not related but i have to say everytime I see your posts/avatar I think, “This Bob Brooks guy looks like he is a Mayor or something like that”

Carry on

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Vito in Santa Monica - made table side. Ivy still has my favorite classic Caesar. Dan Tana’s is great, albeit a little too wet. Bandera has a very good Caesar.

Best I ever had in my life was in San Diego at the US Grant Hotel, but that was when it was privately owned.

No. Totally not politically inclined. You just caught me wearing my little toy lawyer’s suit.


Is there still a Gulfstrem? I miss the Century City locale - loved the clam chowder and the pan fried oysters with the remoulade.

Chi spacca

There’s still a Gulfstream in Newport Beach down the street from Fashion Island.

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