Post Your Daily Sandwich

Yep!!! Starch bar and side sandwich for $17… even better!!! Thank you!!!

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thanks for the protip, stopped by today after doing a local errand.

You know, I think I like the idea of a prime rib sandwich much more than an actual prime rib sandwich; I’ll probably grab a platter next time.

Prefer the potato salad over the cole slaw, and the non-whipped horseradish is great at clearing the sinuses.

Pleb Sloan in the restroom, but they have new daily newspapers to look at while doing your business so I suppose an acceptable compromise.

Lots of industry people in there, which makes sense - it seems like a place built for people with more money than time. $26.xx for prime rib sandwich + 1 beer after tax. It took less than 5 minutes for me to park, order a drink, get a drink, order a sandwich, and receive the sandwich.


I love that, so old-school. Reminds me of my sports wagering days in the old dives in Vegas while you’re doing your business and reading the latest odds and sports league personnel/team transactions.

I remember when Houston’s in Irvine had TV monitors above the urinals. They’re gone, but they still have one of the best prime rib dips I’ve had.

Sample size is now 2:

I can’t stand this bread but man that meat is freaking delicious. Prime rib is the most obvious but for me that brisket I had today was a perfect 5/7. Copious amounts of jus provided.

Also, I found out they have a chili (off menu?)

I’m still trying to figure out my path here but it all comes back to the meat.

$23.xx after tax for 1 brisket sandwich, gratis sides bar, and 1 beer.


I got one of the Mrs. Maisel $2 turkey sandwiches from Delucas Deli in Glendale (in the Americana).

No picture - after waiting in line for 30 minutes, I didn’t even think about pictures, I took it home, split it with my husband and ate it!

Tasty and fun to be a part of the day - but I would not pay the normal $9.90 for it.


Burnt Crumbs Reuben in Irvine

Rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, pastrami (requested lean)

It’s not Langer’s tier pastrami: the flavor is not smokey enough but more cured (like corned beef). Thus I think this pastrami wouldn’t shine in a simple rye and mustard sandwich.

However, for heathens such as myself who really enjoy the condiments in a Reuben sandwich, this is one of the better ones I’ve had in my opinion. They make all the sandwich components in-house except the Swiss cheese.


A queso de puerco Cemita from El Poblano (picfair) loaded up with stringy cheese, avocado and toasty chili oil


Cemitas are one of my favorite things. Can I ask which place you got it from specifically? I swear they’re all some variation of “cemita” and “poblana”

El poblano . Same one that’s always on Pico by FF

Oh, Pico and Fairfax, got it. Sorry, I had no idea what picfair was. I thought it was like a photo app

we got to coax you out of venice once in a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Venice? We’re east siders where there are cemitas as far as the eye can see! Maybe a taste off in the future?

EDIT: That reminds me, did they include papalo or is that already out of season?

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I was hoping you’d say this. :slight_smile: el Poblano is far from top dog, just best around here . And 5 times better than the trash one I got from a generalist truck last week

To be fair, Bill Esparza said a while back that cemitas aren’t that great in LA. Of course, that just made me think, “Damn if they’re ‘not good’ here what must they be like in Puebla?!”


AMAZING! Puebla is not far from Mexico City… Worth a visit.


the pork belly bun from breadfish cafe (hacienda heights)

With all this talk of cemitas, I thought I’d try Don Adrian in Van Nuys. Cecina Asada cemita, it was pretty good.

While I find cemitas enjoyable, I’ve never been that into them. Most of the time I go it’s because someone else wants to. I’ve had three different people tell me I absolutely need to go Cemitas La China Poblana and it’ll change my mind. Has anyone been?

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I been there. That’s right across the old graveyard in Boyle Heights? It’s been a few, I remember it being okay/fine. I just think cemitas in general are much like the recent weather…dry

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My favorite spot for cemitas is the Cemitas Poblanas Tepeaca truck on Whittier Blvd. in East L.A. So dang good. Not dry at all. But I am a fan of cemitas generally. I’ve had Cemitas La China Poblana, and they were just OK. Would have rather gone down the street to the Tepeaca truck.