Post Your Daily Sandwich

Did you add cheese???

Yes American…

Add…as in you brought your own? Doesn’t look like there is any heat melting it.

Finally made it to daughters deli. Pretty great sandwich. The Pastrami had just the right amount of delicious fat.


I bet that Nana is amazing

Number thirteen from Jersey Mike’s has probably become my most consumed sandwich of all time.


Went to Tam O’Shanter on Friday for their weekday prime rib sandwich $17 and the complimentary salad bar during lunchtime from their carvery.

Quite a trek for me from the Westside on a Friday, but my meal was free b/c I used my Lawry’s VIP points. Gjusta is so much closer, but the old fashioned ambience at Tam’s is so much easier on my ears.

PS: TOS’s weekend prime rib sandwich is made in the kitchen and only comes on a French roll. I def prefer the weekday carvery version from their Ale and Sandwich bar,


Carvery? Comp salad bar?

Need details ASAP please.



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Carving station menu (source: Yelp)

Prime rib sandwiches from Carving station in Ale & Sandwich bar - Mon - Fri 11am - 2pm only.

All other sandos from Carving station (e.g. brisket, roast beef, pork, etc.) available 11am-10pm. Ask the Carver for au jus on your choice of beef sandwich or on the side.
(source: Yelp)
Ale & Sandwich Bar Carving station sandwiches include the “Sides Bar” consisting of coleslaw w peanuts; potato salad; beets; house pickles; mayo; mustard; horseradish; and whipped horseradish (more creamy and with heavy cream). “Sides Bar” available everyday from 11am, but limited to Carving station sandwiches only — they are strict about this (you can’t be seated in the main dining hall and order a sandwich, etc. from the Carving station at the bar).

Bread choices with Carving station sandwiches: Kaiser roll; onion brioche; ciabatta; white roll. Other kinds might be available depending on the day.

There’s a sit down menu offered in the Ale and Sandwich bar, but the items DO NOT include trip(s) to the Sides Bar.

Off Menu alert: Prime Rib Chili from the Carving station.


Thank you good sir. This may be a life changing lead.

22 bucks for a small lunch time prime rib ain’t too bad either.


I read that as $22 for AYCE potato salad and a side sandwich.

Sounds good to me!


Weekday Lunch
$22 - Prime rib lunch platter (6oz) OR
$27 Prime rib lunch platter (10oz)

^Both come with mashed potatoes; house sourdough bread and butter; and your choice of creamed corn or spinach.

No spinning salad nor Yorkshire pudding, but yup, it’s a good weekday deal. My friend chose the $17 roast beef platter with all the complimentary dishes listed above.

Weekday lunch prime rib sandwich
$17 including complimentary sides bar (potato salad, coleslaw, etc.)


That $12 roast beef might be the hidden value gem though - $12 acye cole slaw, potato salad, etc? I’ve spent more at food trucks.


Yep!!! Starch bar and side sandwich for $17… even better!!! Thank you!!!

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thanks for the protip, stopped by today after doing a local errand.

You know, I think I like the idea of a prime rib sandwich much more than an actual prime rib sandwich; I’ll probably grab a platter next time.

Prefer the potato salad over the cole slaw, and the non-whipped horseradish is great at clearing the sinuses.

Pleb Sloan in the restroom, but they have new daily newspapers to look at while doing your business so I suppose an acceptable compromise.

Lots of industry people in there, which makes sense - it seems like a place built for people with more money than time. $26.xx for prime rib sandwich + 1 beer after tax. It took less than 5 minutes for me to park, order a drink, get a drink, order a sandwich, and receive the sandwich.


I love that, so old-school. Reminds me of my sports wagering days in the old dives in Vegas while you’re doing your business and reading the latest odds and sports league personnel/team transactions.

I remember when Houston’s in Irvine had TV monitors above the urinals. They’re gone, but they still have one of the best prime rib dips I’ve had.

Sample size is now 2:

I can’t stand this bread but man that meat is freaking delicious. Prime rib is the most obvious but for me that brisket I had today was a perfect 5/7. Copious amounts of jus provided.

Also, I found out they have a chili (off menu?)

I’m still trying to figure out my path here but it all comes back to the meat.

$23.xx after tax for 1 brisket sandwich, gratis sides bar, and 1 beer.


I got one of the Mrs. Maisel $2 turkey sandwiches from Delucas Deli in Glendale (in the Americana).

No picture - after waiting in line for 30 minutes, I didn’t even think about pictures, I took it home, split it with my husband and ate it!

Tasty and fun to be a part of the day - but I would not pay the normal $9.90 for it.


Burnt Crumbs Reuben in Irvine

Rye bread, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, pastrami (requested lean)

It’s not Langer’s tier pastrami: the flavor is not smokey enough but more cured (like corned beef). Thus I think this pastrami wouldn’t shine in a simple rye and mustard sandwich.

However, for heathens such as myself who really enjoy the condiments in a Reuben sandwich, this is one of the better ones I’ve had in my opinion. They make all the sandwich components in-house except the Swiss cheese.