Post Your Super Bowl Spread

Anyone eating up a storm this fine Sunday? Show your FTCers the LV… :wink:

Cheese stuffed fried pickles


Gr8pimpin secret recipe cornbread

baby back ribs . Not bothering to make a presentation shot, just a photo of them fresh from the oven (No grill right now. I’ve mastered the oven method)


Three points.

Interior pic, please.

Pan de coca
Half with marinated Olives & peppers, chorizo +candied sudachi
image image

The other half with honey ham & Muenster
image image


Trying out my new sashimi knife… #DIYMosaicSushi


Brew City onion rings and pigs in blankets with Hoffy dogs in Pillsbury crescent rolls were delicious.

Made nachos with seasoned meat and home made cheese sauce. Olives, green onions, Cilantro, guac and sour cream. Wonderful. The key to the cheese sauce was evaporated milk. My wife’s pic.


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Didn’t take photos…
Smoked chicken wings (one spicy, one with huli huli sauce)
Tater tots and steak fries
Vegetable platter
Lemon squares

It was a very simple affair.

The fare was more exciting than the game.


Haha… we have Hoffy dogs and I wished for a tube of crescents rolls - the perfect super bowl snack. But since we didn’t have any and it was just the two of us I decided on a non-super bowl type meal. :wink:

Louisiana Barbecued Shrimp

The name of the dish is a misnomer as the shrimp are not grilled and there’s no barbecue sauce. I cooked these red shrimp & sweet, red, bell peppers in a spiced butter sauce w/garlic, stock, wine & worcestershire. They went a couple mins too long but were still firm & super tasty.

Warm, Crusty French Bread for Sopping

We picked-up the bread on our Sunday morning walk to Roji Bakery on La Brea.

Yuho “Eternal Embers” Junmai

We loved this full, rich sake with Providence’s Louisiana Barbecued Shrimp so I decided to give it a whirl with my own. Loved it. :hearts:


I have a friend who makes mac & cheese that way. :yum:

In Louisiana cuisine, “BBQ shrimp” is a bogus name for what is typically an excellent dish.

I’m totally using this for mac n cheese instead of the rue I’ve been using. Much easier and creamier. The consistency of the cheese sauce was perfect.


A little random since there were only two of us. But really good.

Shishito peppers


Brussels sprouts salad (recreation of Scopa’s version)

Pigs in blankets

Valentine gingerbread & sugar cookies




This may have been covered somewhere on this forum, but any tips for buying sushi grade fish? Can you find it at regular grocers like Gelsons / WFM?

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I’m sure you can get it at Gelsons & WF.

I get my seafood mostly from Dry Dock Fish - straight from the dock. Lots of sashimi-grade & wild-caught, but even their frozen & farmed is excellent (sustainable-farms only).

They have a few locations and are at a lot of farmers markets. I like the Bev Hills FM locale because it’s close and the worker, Jaimie, is full of knowledge and so sweet.

Here’s the latest product list.


My vague recollection is that you can get it Japanese supermarkets, too.


as @paranoidgarliclover said, most Japanese markets will have sushi grade fish. Mitsuwa and Tokyo Central are where i would probably go.