Prata House, West Covina

Anyone familiar with this restaurant? The combination of Singaporean and Southern Indian looks intriguing, plus the churros for dessert.


Menu looks all over the place? I’m not too familiar with Indian food in Singapore but are dosas even found in Singapore at generic Indian Singaporean places?

I’m a bit skeptical but I’m interested in trying since its close to where I live

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While I agree the menu has some weird tangents (ramen?!) the inimitable klyeoh from Hungry Onion has reviewed dosas in both Penang and Singapore, so they are a thing there. And hey, if the butter chicken is as good at this place as we had in places in that part of the world, that’d forgive an unfocused menu a thousand times over.


Please report back if you do try it. I’m not sure when we’ll be next out that way and have next to no real-world knowledge of food from Singapore or Malaysia.

Except, as @bruins as noted, from reading

I ended up trying this place since I needed to go to Ikea.

So far it seems to be a generic Indian restaurant, only notable things on the menu were the dosa and prata selections but those things didnt travel well so its hard to judge especially the dosa. The mutton biryani was pretty standard. I didnt really see what made this a Singaporean Indian over regular Indian food but I am not very well versed in the Indian food in Singapore.

IMO not really worth the drive and I do think dine in if possible would be better for the food. The only thing I saw on the menu that looked interesting would be the crab curry biryani and a special of nasi goreng pattaya which makes me think those could be the sole Singaporean influences?