Prepaid restaurant reservations

I don’t know how many restaurants would be able to support this model. Who knows which restaurants would make it through this uncertain time?

I think many people would buy Howlin Rays fast passes, prepay for a Saturday 7pm table at Bestia/Majordomo or prepay for a Hayato bento box in August. I guess it’s just a different spin on buying gift cards.

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Some high-end prix-fixe tasting menu restaurants have been using prepaid tickets for a while.

Yes. In the article they mentioned a restaurant in Seattle that extended the window to make prepaid reservations from 3 months to 6 months.

Do you remember the name?

Tarsan I Jane

Thanks. Sounds great. But WAY out of my price range. Gotta start playing that lottery :slight_smile: We’re regular Seattle visitors and it pains me what they’re going through.