Prime Ribeye Cap Steaks at Costco Fullerton

Have been buying Prime Ribeye Cap Steaks at Costco Fullerton recently, although they don’t always have them. Other Costco locations probably have them as well on occasion.

Cap Steaks are as tasty as a regular Ribeye, but usually juicier and tenderer. They are made up of the outside portion of a Rib Eye, wrapped or coiled around itself and tied to become a round
Cap Steak.

I’ve probably gone throughout 8 or 10 of these steaks since last summer and we are sold on 'em!


Spinalis dorsi is IMO one of the most tasty parts of the steer.

How do you prepare it? Costco sells them tied off with twine in the form of a small roast. We tried reverse sear and found it to be very good. But I was tempted to remove the twine and get some browning on all sides.

This is a once/twice year thing for me - it’s just too fatty for everyday eating. My next attempt will be better.


I am old fashioned with searing. Usually take the steak out of the netting and unroll the entire thing on each side. I have carbon steel pans, get that thing smoking hot and sear both sides, toss in the convection oven to finish it off. 100% grape seed oil for the higher smoke point otherwise the oil with burn in the carbon steel.

Definitely take off that twine IMO.

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They are great steaks! I use the modified Peter Luger method. Superheat avocado oil in a cast iron pan; brown one side for four to five minutes, then slice in one inch strips (after pulling the twine). I reassemble in the pan, and retie the steak. I put slabs of cultured butter on top, then run it inder the broiler for anther four to six minutes depending on how thick it is. I don’t get perfectly pink meat up to the seared edge; there is a little graying, but the flavor is the best I have experienced. If doing baked potatoes instead of frites the butter from the pan is great on the potato.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving my friend!


I did thanks. And I hope you did as well. That steak & fries is killin’ me!

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I have found them with pretty good regularly at Costco Van Nuys. I’ve done them sous vide, then finished on a hot grill. I’ve also just thrown them on the hot grill. Both ways work great. Always remove the string.

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How long and at what temp for SV please?

Here you are!

Sous vide would always be at the desired temp for doneness: ie, 125 for rare; 130 for med. rare, etc. One hour would be about right, but you could go a bit longer. Here is the link to the ultimate guide:

I shouldn’t have done twine off…maybe with a different cooking technique.

That said, I think I prefer this particular grade/cut a little more done.


I like the Ribeye Cap Steaks best when they are cooked to about medium (138-142°), too rare and the meat isn’t firm enough. My cooking method is to sear both sides in a hot cast iron pan, then finish them off in a low oven (225°) until they come up to about 126-128°. Let them rest for about 15 minutes and the temp will come up to near 140°. I keep the twine on as I think they cook better and more uniformly; when I’ve removed the twine, they tend to fall apart. Also, I cook all steaks with a meat probe-type thermometer that you leave in during the cooking process, so you can pinpoint the temperature you want to within a few degrees.

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