Prosciutto - Where to Buy in Los Angeles?

I don’t feel like dealing with Eataly. Any other places with a good selection?

And while you can get decent Parma prosciutto at any Whole Foods or Bristol Farms, you’re probably better off with a high-end shop that will slice it properly. Beverly Hills Cheese Shop , La Porta in Pasadena and Froma in Los Angeles all take excellent care of their Parma prosciutto.

He is basically saying the difference between Whole Foods and BH Cheese Shop prosciutto is the slicing. Is that correct?

Because that makes my life easier.

Slicing and packaging of the proscuitto is very important. Whole Foods does a poor job in my opinion.

In OC Cortina’s does the packaging the right way. Flat large pieces of paper. Plastic in between each layer so peeling the proscuitto is easy. Don’t want big clumps or pieces sticking together.

The Whole Foods downtown puts paper between each slice. Is there more to it than that?

I get mine from Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica, where it is prepacked, though they will cut up stuff fresh. I get on sandwiches from Bay Cities deli, so they must have also.

No. That’s all you need but I have had poor experiences with several WF in Orange County.

Ideally it should be sliced by hand, but personally I most often buy the Citterio from Costco.

You can also get it at Wally’s in BH or the Wally’s in SM. It won’t be the cheapest place around, and they machine slice it. Their selection is nowhere near Eataly’s though.

Cheese store of Beverly Hills.
You can call ahead and have it sliced by the time you get there.
They often have multiple kinds, so maybe more fun to go and taste and wait till they slice it.
Pre-sliced options vary from Guido Marcelo in SM to Wally’s to Epicurus Gourmet in North Hollywood.


Giuliano’s in Gardena and Claro’s in San Gabriel typically have San Daniele it in the deli case.

Cinco Jotas jamon iberico de bellota, at Bay Cities…

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Just my two cents, Eataly is now really little hassle, especially compared to a Wally’s or Bay Cities. You can park right by the third floor entrance (90 minutes free parking), usually no line at the meat/cheese counter, and self check-out. I’m in and out of Eataly faster than most markets.


Personally I think Bay Cities (for there non sandwiches) is vastly underrated and a great resource with quite a selection of dry goods from not only italy but Spain, France, South America as well.

But yeah parking at the side lot is a game changer for Eataly. Making it much less of a hassle - I can drop in for some fancy canned tomatoes, fresh mushrooms and bounce.

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Pre-sliced or sliced to order?

Pre-sliced. La Espanola (Harbor City) carries whole 5J jamon.

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If we’re talking whole hams, Costco also carries competitively priced hams but I can’t speak to quality not knowing the specific producers.

I can vouch for Edwards Surryano ham which you can get delivered whole, as a quarter or sliced. I’m still working on the leftovers of a whole ham and it’s worth the money.

Roma Deli/Market in Pasadena? Not sure how big a selection of prosciutto specifically, but the owner selects his offerings with care.


Guidi Marcello in Santa Monica.