Providence - OOE Tasting Menu

Mine were crispish but not so crisp as to shatter into shards and my ricotta was not particularly grainy. Great meal overall, though I would have liked more garlic on the knots (which I preferred soaking up the excess Fra Diavolo sauce than dipping into the Marinara).

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providence x antico

Wow this may have been even better than the first time. the bouillabaisse was exceptional and absolutely filled with perfectly cooked seafood. it’s incredible how even though all the seafood is parcooked and then later reheated in the toaster oven it can still come out tasting better than a lot of places dining in.

the broth wasn’t tomato-y at all @TheCookie, just a delicious seafood flavor with a hint of orange or citrus, zest and saffron? if you like seafood, this is a must order. fire the bat signal @attran99, @butteredwaffles, @NYCtoLA, @Chowseeker1999, @foodshutterbug, @noddles, @Bagel

salade niçoise with olive oil-poached tuna, plives, and fingerling potato
i preferred the first version with seared-rare bigeye tuna slightly better than the poached tuna, but this was still pretty good.

bouillabaisse marseillaise - local rockfish, new zealand john dory, santa barbara rock crab, maine lobster, mussels, clams, saffron potatoes, rouille, croutons
it’s hard to tell but there’s a ton of seafood in here and it barely fit in my large bowl. there was half a lobster, rock crab claw, two fillets of john dory, a large fillet of rockfish, three mussels, three clams, three saffron potatoes, and about a pint of broth.

the best and sweetest lobster i’ve had from providence so far.

my favorite part. after finishing all the seafood, soak the croutons in the leftover broth so that they turn into this in-between state of being crunchy and soft, top with rouille and you have one of the best bites of the year

fougasse with niçoise olives and herbes de provence

fig clafoutis with crème fraîche and port reduction
this clafoutis and the harry’s berries tart are my favorite desserts so far. make sure to warm this up in the oven so that it’s piping hot. the clafoutis was wonderfully light and eggy and reminded me of an egg tart, the sweetness was just right and balanced nicely by the slightly acidic port reduction.




Yep, we have the same food brain. Can’t wait!


Don’t forget to ask for those extra croutons

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Oh :pray: for reminding me!

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The fougasse should be good for soaking up all that liquid gold too?

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yeah, but you don’t get that soft/crispy texture from the croutons and the olives in the fougasse will overpower the broth. i only used the fougasse when there wasn’t enough broth left for the croutons… plus i ran out of croutons.


I didn’t order this week and I am jealous. Looks like an amazing dinner! The only downside to these En Voyage menus has been no repeats unfortunately.

I wonder if they’ll keep doing these if/when the county begins dine-in. They didn’t last time so hoping to get in one more of these before that happens…

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This menu runs until the 12th so there’s still time to get in on it.

They did this menu the very first week and this has been their first repeat.


Oh shoot. Now you’ve put me into a dilemma: What’s bigger right now, my wallet or my appetite? :scream:

And yay for repeats! Didn’t realize, thought it was just a different part of France lol.

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Eat first, ask questions later.


How’s Nectarine Ice Cream? Seems like it’d be quite tart.

There’s a bit of tartness, but not as much as the summer harvest peach.

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so pernod was the anise flavor i was tasting in the broth @TheCookie

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That zeppole is calling my name…

Wow what a portion size.

i’ve never left hungry

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@PorkyBelly @moonboy403 Your temptations worked! I went, I picked up, and I ate. Perfectly cooked seafood indeed. And definitely a ton of it. I ordered for just myself but felt like it could’ve fed 2! Didn’t get to dessert and it’s still in my fridge for tomorrow/today. I was literally super duper stuffed and couldn’t move for a while after.

I should’ve checked back to your post on how to top the croutons with rouille because that sounds great. I ended up trying the fougasse with the broth and liked that more but probably a personal preference.

I think overall my favorite is still the New Jersey of the 4 menus I’ve had, though they’ve all tasted great and always been worth it. And with that, my foodie budget is spent for most of the rest of September lol.