PSA: Costco now selling thick cut bone-in steaks

I’ve always reverse-seared with a 5-10 minute rest before final high heat zap/hyperactive flipping on the infrared char broiler. Very even doneness throughout and good char/crust control without that butter nonsense. Shorter rest at the end, too.

That steak sure looks frozen too in the video

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+A gazillion and two billions.

The other thing about Luger is pre-cutting the steak. Just don’t. Please.

By the way, a brulée torch is nice but you should be using a SEARZALL for this kind of work.

Sure. But I can multitask with a torch. Lighting a cigar is a snap, not to mention birthday candles.

Costco in Van Nuys had the meat and seafood roadshow today. No Tomahawk rib eyes, but well-marbled USDA prime boneless ones for 13/lb. Plus large lobster tails for 22/lb and huge lobster claws for somewhat less.