PSA: Last week for Peach Donuts @ Donut Man

Just saying …

Also, damn, the plain buttermilk donuts there are fantastic.


Damn this low-carb diet !!!

Just get a Cream Puff and eat just the cream filling.


Uh… sugar?


Now if it were filled with steak, THAT’s a filling I could eat LOL!

I wish they would just put fresh peach slices on a cream puff instead of the sugar glaze they use.

I wish it was closer to LA!!!

Don’t think of it as “sugar”. Think of it as a tasty combination of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms.


Are the peach donuts glazed in the same way the strawberry donuts are made? While delicious I was only able to have 2-3 bites because of the sweetness. Might pick some up on the way to work tomorrow.

I think the buttermilk, old fashioned and tiger tail are the best donuts here.

Yeah, they use the same glaze. I prefer the strawberry and peach “splits” at Crafted Donuts since they don’t have that glaze (and the fruit is anchored by the whipped cream) which makes Donut Man’s donuts hard to eat because it allows the fruit to squirt out of the donut as you’re taking a bite!


Both the Donut Man peach and strawberry donuts are exclusively knife and fork endeavors.

And there’s no shame in that.

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In Fountain Valley? These donuts look more my speed but no where near where I live or work.

Yeah. I only go when I schedule an open water swim practice at Corona del Mar beach.

There’s a crafted donuts in ktown on wilshire. I think it just opened.


Yup. At Wilshire Center (3959 Wilshire Blvd)

I think the buttermilk, old fashioned and tiger tail are the best donuts here.

The bismark is a revelation (aka the Bavarian creme). Good lord I love that doughnut.