PSA: Silverlake Ramen coming to Santa Monica

Was walking around 3rd St. Promenade yesterday and noticed a sign was up for Silverlake Ramen. It’s moving in next to Bobarrito, IIRC.

Not many mentions of Silverlake Ramen on FTC, but @lectroid has tried it and apparently liked it.

I’m a little scared of what the markup might be to pay for rent on the Promenade!

It’s all right.

I DO like silver lake ramen, though it’s been a.couple years since I moved away. They also did a GREAT tsukemen, up there with Tsujita.

I’d certainly be giving it a try if I were in the area.

I like their tsukemen! Not crazy about their wait though.

Tens of thousands of dollars. How many tens? If it’s a typical storefront there, probably around 20k-30k/month. At least that’s what a contractor who was rehabbing two spaces on the promenade told me.

I can only imagine. I assume that’s part of the reason why so many (all?) of the stores there are part of well-known (and presumably well-funded) chains.

W/o the Barnes and Noble anchoring the northern end, it’s a bit sad up near Wilshire (although I really like what they’ve done in adding an “experiment” section.

Thanks to everyone for all the info. I don’t live far at all, so I’m totally up for it as long as I don’t have to wait, say, like an hour or so. Interesting that there are 2 ramen places w/i 3 city blocks of each other in SaMo in such a high-rent part of the city. Broadway near Lincoln (where Sweetfin and Puntas Cabras is) I imagine would be cheaper but still seems like a very “happening” area to me.

I find it interesting that the east and west parts of LA county will be anchored by pretty good Asian food (obviously mainly Chinese in the SGV). Makes a lot of sense, actually.

On a related note (geographically), The Gables serves brunch on the weekend until 3PM. I passed by around dinnertime. The dinner meny didn’t really “speak” to me (we ended up at The Independent), but I think I’ll try the place for brunch one day.