PSA: the Copper River Salmon Has Dropped

don’t sleep

This makes me think of the raining of the fish on Fargo.

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The first month of Copper River season is textbook example of a Veblen good that one learns about in Econ 1 in college.

Just wait a month. And prices will plummet.

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Maru-san just served me a piece of this gorgeousness last week. (Yes, I’m well aware Copper River salmon is not in the Edomae sushi repertoire - AFAIC Maru-san can do whatever the hell he wants in his house; I suppose we are celebrating deviate-from-authenticity month here in FTC-land.) Anyways, this piece of nigiri was sublime.


this economics major enjoyed this

who knows the proper storage process if i’m to hot smoke 3, 4 fillets? vacuum seal and what, fridge? i dont want to freeze

Hot smoking will not preserve the fish. You need to treat it just a you would any cooked salmon.

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so you’re saying i should make lox huh? (cold smoke)

I’m not against hot smoking the salmon, then vacuum sealing it, then freezing it. But you’d have to freeze it.

To be honest, I don’t know how long homemade, cold smoked lox would keep vacuum sealed in the refrigerator.

End products are really different but either way I would freeze. I don’t think you end up with too much of a difference in texture since so much of the moisture will be drawn out in the cutting and smoking process.


Sharknado V: Rain of the Salmon.