Punjabi Dhaba (Bakersfield) Tempo-perma-rarily ? closed

They said they were going to be closed for a permit issue (secondhand info) about a month ago… still offline. The canopy and tables are still there, but both trucks gone.

I don’t see any reason why they should not reopen – they seemed to love what they do and they had great success. Maybe this will result in bigger and better things. All I know is it’s been tough having them gone. They were one of the truly elite places in Bakersfield.

I say “one of…” really there’s only one other that’s all time, unforgettable, and literally worth coming from LA just to try.

El Puesto.

And El Puesto isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, in fact they’re on the home stretch toward opening a bigger, better location that will have an expanded menu with more mariscos options and craft cocktails.

For some reason my El Puesto thread didn’t get the fanfare the Punjabi Dhaba thread did. Punjabi Dhaba legitimately became an internet sensation. Damned if El Puesto doesn’t deserve the same. Maybe I just need to goad people into going by saying it’s the best in CA like I did for the Dhaba?

Anyway, while we’re… let’s just say, “between meals” at Punjabi Dhaba, do yourself a favor and stop by El Puesto, either the current location on Mt Vernon/Brundage (not glamorous) or the new location on California Ave (will be much nicer, easier to stop by when passing thru town, should be bigger and better in every way, opening date TBA)

I’ll update when/if Dhaba comes back.


I loved Punjabi Dhaba and hope they make a comeback.
I’ve got El Puesto bookmarked for my next stop over!
Someone had recommended Porkchop and Bubba’s BBQ on this board and I’ve had some tasty food there, too.

That was me, they aren’t as good as when they first opened. Still great for around town but El Puesto is the stop to make. I think it’s going to be on some kind of viral listicle ride at some point here, probably with the second location. It looks like it’s going to be actually really, really nice atmosphere. The current location actually does look like it was airlifted from a random stop off Mex 1like this

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