Punta Cabras, Santa Monica 2018

Looks like they are finally reopening. Here’s the Eater LA article, and their Instagram has been chattering lately, too.

The new space is on Broadway, between 9th and 10th. Are there any soft open, or Friends and Family reports?

Frankly, I liked how small and focused the original concept was. This new spot looks a ton bigger, and less personal. The menu isn’t on the website, but the decor in the new photos is telling me there will likely be a noticeable price hike.

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Opens Wednesday, I believe.

Wonder if the taqueria will have a different menu (open until midnight!!!)…

YMMV, but I would call the previous space cramped and uncomfortable, not “personal.”

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As long as they don’t change that scallop tostada I’ll be happy!

not to mention filthy

At least the parking was luxurient.


The EaterLA article on my google feed had a link to the menu. It looks like a very different menu, with 9 buck tacos and seafood towers.

$10 guac, $7 shrimp taco, $3 oysters, $6 fries. holy shit

According to the comments that’s the menu for the full service restaurant; supposedly there’s a second area / menu more in keeping with the original.

But the comments are not a particularly pleasant read, per normal for Eater. (Cheers to @Bookwich for injecting civility into that back and forth!)


You had me at parking.

Adrian Reynolds lol.

He’s the dude that needs to learn that “LA” is not confined to City limits but has a larger cultural meaning.


Their old location is a textbook example of bad Fung Shui.

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We just came back from having dinner at Punta Cabras. It was delightful. We had:

Guacamole and Chips
Senor Rockefeller (Oysters Rockefeller with uni. Yum. Full disclosure; I adore uni and think any dish with uni is heaven.)
Beet & Uni Tartare
Costras/Squash Blossom
Crab Luis Salad
Lobster Taco
World’s Finest Cocktail
Date Cake with Cotija

We enjoyed every dish. They all tasted fresh and bright. We thought the portions were generous and the prices very fair considering the pricey ingredients (uni, crab, lobster).

The restaurant actually isn’t that large. It feels bright and clean. We sat right under the pinata heads which were fun. The service was stellar.

Yes, the prices in the taqueria are higher than they were on Pico. However, you get water in real glasses, linen napkins, real plates, etc,


How many people did that feed? Was there an attempt to order the swole menu?

It was just my husband and me. Those dishes were all appetizers or as they call them “Shares”. We didn’t order any main dishes which they call “Plates”. We are pleasantly full, but not stuffed. As you can see, not even close to the whole menu, but it’s early days.

Oh my god it is about damn time.

Yes but it was walking distance and now it is only Bird-ing distance :slight_smile:

Walking distance from…


I was wondering where the center of the universe was. :wink: