PYT -- Josef Centeno's restaurant in Downtown LA

Anybody tried it?

Yes, why?

It’s one of my favorite restaurants. Though brunch/lunch is served, dinner is the main event.

The menu standards that seem to be repeatedly on the menu are the Piri Piri Rice and the Hand-Torn Pasta. Both delicious. The menu is super seasonal and my next meal always seems different than the last. Nice bar with 40 different gins to choose from.

When it’s warm, love sitting on the patio.

Will try to find some pics. Hope you enjoy.

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I love Baco Mercat so I was very curious to try PYT but I found the experience to be kind of underwhelming. Baco Mercat is already very “vegetable forward” so it’s not like PYT offers a food experience that’s a massive contrast. It wasn’t a bad meal by any means but everyone at our table thought, “well, ok, that was good but next time, let’s just go back to Baco.”

I’m a real carnivore so it says a lot when I only realized a few hours afterwards, when I was telling my friend about how fantastic it was, that I had an entirely vegetarian meal. I’ve also had brunch and liked brunch even better. I particularly enjoyed the vegetable amuse bouche he sends out. One was a chinese broccoli and the other a snap pea. Really well executed. He lets the veggies shine. I’ve always enjoyed his vegetable preparations in his other restaurants, but I think PYT really hones in it.

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Personally, I don’t think any Josef Centeno restuarant is better than mediocre, and PYT is no different. I have no idea why this sloppy food is so acclaimed. I may as well be a professional chef.

I’m bummed, really liked this place!