Quick breakfast around Glendale metro

Picking up a buddy at Glendale metro at 9. Thinking of hitting up proof bakery for a quick breakfast before our appointment in studio city at 11. Any other options, maybe troi familia or sqrl. But I’m afraid of lines. Also, he’s from outa town. So I’d like him to try some fun places.

Which way are you coming from (or returning to)?

Because if you are taking the 5 (either directly or via the 2), I would highly recommend Division 3, which is in Glassel Park and can be reached via San Fernando Rd., off of the 5/110 interchange.

Hard to beat $4 biscuit sandwiches, especially when it’s made with cured salmon. Double yum.

How about Porto’s?


sapp coffee shop

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Wow didn’t know sapp was opened at 7 am. Pretty nice

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Thanks, I’ll try that next time. Ended up at proof and had the croque monsieur, some quiche and canele. The croque was a hit.

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You’re a better person than me. If I was at Proof at 7am? Salted chocolate chip cookie and a coffee. I’d be a happy girl.

Dang Ipsedixit. Those biscuit sandwiches look incredible!

Must try.