Quick dinner in South Bay?

I need to be at SJC by 8 pm tonight (Thursday); wondering if there’s anything decent in the South Bay that’s not too expensive and reasonably fast for 3-4 people. A decent pizza spot or something would be ideal. Had a bunch of Chinese and Japanese food over the last few days already. Lacking suggestions, would probably default to Vietnamese. Please feel free to leave suggestions for next time I visit, I come up at least once or twice a year :slight_smile:


The excellent biryani from Zam Zam Market (Hawthorne) isn’t too far from the 405 Freeway.

If you drive fast and get there before they close at 6PM, Kawamata Seafood (Dana Point / Capistrano Beach) serves the best poke in Southern California.

Heritage BBQ (in SJC itself) is open til 7PM (or until sold out).

Sorry, I meant the San Jose Airport!

LOL d’oh!

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I’ll definitely check out Kawamata Seafood next time I’m in Laguna Niguel, though!

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I always go to Anjappar Chettinad when I’m around there. Best mutton I’ve found.

Food court in the Grand Century shopping mall for Vietnamese.

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falafel’s drive-in is quick and close the sjc. and i enjoyed my slice at a slice of new york.

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