Quince - SF

benu >> quince

winter citrus grove canapes

king crab, tsar nicoulai caviar, champagne, meyer lemon

humboldt kumamoto oyster, nettle, bacon brioche


piemontese sunchoke salad, cardoon, black trumpet mushroom, castelmagno cheese fonduta

black truffle cannelloni, nantucket bay scallop, spinach

fresh run farm celeriac en croute, qual egg, petite salade, celeriac bouillon

devil’s gulch ranch poussin, savoy cabbage, hedgehog mushroom, sauce supreme

agnolotti verdi "2003"

dry aged sonoma duck, carnival squash, shinko pear, caramelized crosne

satsuma mandarin, coconut, shiso, finger lime

gianduja, trufflebert farm hazelnut, tahitian vanilla


not toto

Pre-dinner bang @ moongate lounge


one of my favorite restaurant. did the missus enjoy it? and i guess they did away with their signature lobster garganelli course?

That sounds like it would have been better than the chewy duck or the bland celeriac en croute.

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I guess it’s true, pretty isn’t everything.

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I wholeheartedly agree with you: Benu > > Quince, even 3+ years ago I felt that way, even when Quince was 2 stars.

@PorkyBelly @moonboy403 give Acquerello a try next time, much better than Quince but very different style. More formal dress code required.


i liked benu immensely but i enjoyed my meal at quince more. i think i’m too familiar with some of the chinese stuff at benu, like the XLB, “shark fin” soup, quail, double boiled soup, etc, despite the elevated techniques and perfection of said courses…

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Thanks for the report and warning @PorkyBelly. Saves me some money on the next trip. :slight_smile:

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@Chowseeker1999 Here’s another data point. It’s one of my favorite McChelin :star2: :star2: :star2: restaurant

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Hi @moonboy403,

Thanks. I read your report last year (thank you!). So I’m still keeping it in mind. We’ll see what reservations might be open for the next trip / timing. :wink: Thanks.

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