Ramen roll

Deathwatch Phase 2 initiated: http://la.eater.com/2017/3/1/14767072/tentenyu-ramen-culver-city-open


The link goes to an article about Tentenyu…?

Ie, tentenyu will drive ramen roll out of business

Also, the Infatuation, which generally likes everything, just told people to avoid it in their latest update.

With a 4 out of 10 from the infatuation (slightly above the worst ranked restaurant SUR), and a glowing 3.3 stars on yelp, Deathwatch phase 3 has commenced.



Your morning schadenfreude fix:

Heavy Metal Acoustic (no “Amplifications”) from 2/27/2017

Look at that detritus in the broth. The smell was offputting. Smelled of sweaty funk–not good funk. Noodles were mush.

This place is a money grab with no soul. Good riddance.

what the hell is that on the right? chicken?


Yo! That is some nauseous stuff right there. That is the result of aiming low and then going downhill from there.


Where is the love? That is some sad looking nori too.


I might’ve forgiven the sloppy assembly if it were cheap, but that chicken is just… NO, at any price. :frowning:


Gosh, this place looks FOUL.

Fleischmann doesn’t seem to have the Midas touch on this one. Perhaps it’s his investors who pressured him to chasing the ramen and hand roll trend, because this seems like a half effort and I’d reasonably expect more. Please tell me he’s not going to try his hand at pho…


Dat broth…

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Commencing deathwatch phase 4:



“Ground Control to Major Tom (Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six),
Commencing countdown, engines on (Five, Four, Three),
Check ignition and may God’s love be with you (Two, One, Liftoff…)”

An odd miss by Fleischmann, who seems to be an otherwise quite successful serial restauranteur. Even if I don’t care much for Umami Burger, I can see the appeal and the business model. But I don’t see the appeal at all with Ramen Roll. Feels like they really half-assed the concept on this one. This place seemed odd from the start, like it was aspiring to be Ajisen Ramen x KazuNori, but ended up being weaker versions of that. Surely, they could’ve done better than this?

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concept already got ripped off

A photo at Quick by Katsu-Ya

According to someone on a Culver City Facebook group, Ramen Roll is closing

It is pretty damn terrible, so not totally surprising.

Surprised it took this long…

Better use your groupon before they close