Random discussion of Covid-19 not specifically related to restaurants or food

Apparently those numbers are debatable.

I find ironic that people complain that they don’t believe the covid numbers from China (which I don’t think are terrible accurate) when a lot of the US numbers are equal unreliable - underreporting of covid deaths (just compare average numbers of yearly deaths with the one this year in many states) and overreporting testing results (sero and PCR test mixed together etc)

That’s a bit of an understatement. A lockdown of a city in China was widely reported in U.S. media a couple of days ago, yet just yesterday China claimed “no new cases”. As far as I’m concerned, the Chinese government has ZERO credibility.

In Texas County, Okla., patients pouring into the hospital with covid-19 symptoms are predominantly Hispanic and work in the local Seaboard Foods pork processing plant, which like many others has stayed open even after becoming the locus of an outbreak… State health officials tested everybody at the plant two weeks ago and found that of some 1,600 asymptomatic employees, 350 were positive, nearly four times as were known, Seaboard said in a statement. “As of May 20, 440 employees have active cases of covid-19,” the company said.