Random discussion of Covid-19 not specifically related to restaurants or food

The outlet air from the HEPA unit wouldn’t contain any virus. In terms of positioning, though, it would probably be best to be treated like a fan. I’m not familiar with their detailed specifications, but I don’t think that the induced airflow from these devices would be very strong (unlike that from a room fan).

The Washington state restaurant guidelines discuss it.

At its highest setting, the output from our Coway is equivalent to a very strong fan, so the intake has the same volume.

My apologies, I missed that.

And yes, for any fan the intake and output volume flow rates will always be the same.

Experts estimate that 33 to 55% of LA County residents have immunity.

Real-world data on vaccine effectiveness:


Now that is one hell of a typo.

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Meanwhile, back in Sweden…


Ironically, as large-scale vaccinations are in full swing and restrictions are being loosened in many geographies, Sweden seems to be tightening its rules, including opening hours for restaurants. Under the old Covid-19 restrictions, restaurants serving alcohol had to close at 10 pm (I believe). That has been changed to 8:30 pm effective March 1. Also new is a limit of one person per table at food courts.

Yes, people seem to think that there are no restrictions at all in Sweden, but that’s not the case. And they’re vaccinating as fast as they can.