Random musings

… that popped into my mind while wondering if the United Terminal at EWR will ever get reliable WiFi.

  • Gloria (Hell’s Kitchen) will have you wondering why more chef’s don’t use “trash” fish to make ceviche or crudo, because their lionfish tartare was simply amazing. The fish was velvety and the radishes that accompanied the dish balanced the butteriness of the lionfish perfectly.

  • 33 Greenwich (West Village) makes awesome biscuits (light, fluffy but still cakey enough to remind you that you are eating a biscuit and not a dinner roll), and pair those biscuits with a bowl of gumbo, and for me at least, all I would need to complete my evening is an Epi No. 2, and a glass of Talisker 18.

  • Chouchou (East Village) is awful because you have to order an entree to get their fabulous roasted eggplants and deviled eggs, which if I am honest, are worth the price of admission on their own. That said, the lobster tagine wasn’t half bad. Pretty good, in fact, and I’m not even that big of a fan of lobster, or tagines.

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I love posts like this. Not enough for each one to stand alone but great when we’re doing a search. Thanks.

Current random musing: How is this distinct from random thoughts?

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Random Thoughts is pinned in the LA Board and Random Musings is for New York?

You’re so smart! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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Shucks. Lucky guess. :wink: