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Are there high-end Cantonese restaurants with good service?

I haven’t been to many high end ones in the US but i got better service at China Tang at MGM with my brief visit there for dessert.

I think that would be a good thread.

Hotel restaurants might be an exception to the rule since there’s an additional layer of management.

The highest-end Cantonese place I’ve been to was the Crystal Jade branch in SF, on which they spent $14 million, but service was about like you’d get in a suburban strip mall.

I never knew peeps grew in trees


Are baby hummingbirds a good sub for ortolan? Asking for a friend.

Only one way to find out.

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No. You want mature hummingbirds.

Is it just me, or does the Board seem less active than usual? :frowning:


I’ve been noticing this, too.


Yes posting traffic has been downhill for a while


Blame it on the man who refuses to ever lose an argument, even if it means arguing with himself.



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Sorry @paranoidgarliclover for my absence. I’m making my way through an SF trip so been posting there recently. I’ll be back soon. :slight_smile:

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Chart of weekly post counts for the past year:

Daily engaged users:

So much engagement, I can’t stop refreshing.

Robert, if you’ll share… what is the left (vertical) axis a multiple of (10, 100)?


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I was never really good at this stuff, but it looks like a very small group of highly active users. 50-55 users making 600-odd posts a week?? Really?