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My cousin went to Mexico a couple months ago and now the Paloma is the drink du jour at her parties. She makes it with Sprite & Lime. :grimacing: I don’t think it qualifies as a good one. Lotsa’ lime helps.

P.S. A few of my dinner companions at Majordomo seemed to be loving their version.


Great idea. I’m bookmarking my own post.

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They’re also put in Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup). Did you like them?


According to my internet ad of the week, Google has decided it’s time I learn to make my own damn ramen.



You really are funny.


This is seriously random. I need to take antibiotics 3x a day for a week, with food. I became horribly nauseated after taking only one yesterday.

I’m staring at a pill right now, dreading the thought of swallowing it. What kind of food am I supposed to eat so I don’t feel ill? If you have any experience with this situation, I would appreciate some guidance. It is a food board after all. :slight_smile: Thank you.


Although a food site, I seriously object to us lay people giving medical advice. But here’s a little from a reputable source:

I also think that pharmacists are an enormous source of good information. And, of course, your doctor’s office. This isn’t medical advice but some years ago I was put on a super strong antibiotic (due to a dog bite). So strong that it kind wiped out my natural “flora and fauna” causing terrible diarrhea and I was right on the verge of a yeast infection. The doctor - not my own - neglected to mention that I should be on probiotics also because of the strength of the antibiotic. Just a few thoughts. Get well soon.


Hi @Bookwich,

Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I would agree with @catholiver that we FTC’ers probably aren’t fit to give sound medical advice (unless in the medical profession), :wink: but I would say take note of what you ate with your antibiotics the first time (that made you nauseous) and probably choose another type of food the 2nd time.

For myself, I try to go for heartwarming soups / stews, one time we drove out to get some congee / porridge (I kept thinking of foods that might “coat my stomach”, which is probably not medically accurate, but it helped for me at the time).

Hope you feel better soon!

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Agreed… it sounds like a serious dose and getting through it should be your focus right now. You can ask for a consult at your local pharmacy or call your insurance’s nurses hotline. Hope you feel better soon!


You’re all very kind, but I’m not asking for medical advice! I’m asking what have you eaten when in a similar situation. :face_with_head_bandage:

I like @TheCookie’s idea of congee.


^ This! Bookwich, it could very possibly be that you do not tolerate that particular antibiotic well. If it persists, you definitely need to talk with your doctor and pharmacist about this, perhaps switching to another antibiotic if possible.

I certainly know that has happened with me. I was on one antibiotic that made me seriously nauseous, repeatedly. So, I re-visited my doctor and was switched to another…no problem. So, you can imagine how I felt the next time I had an illness, mentioned that I didn’t tolerate that one particular antibiotic, then had it prescribed anyway! Just another call/trip and switch :grinning:

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try ginger (in whatever form, even as candy) - could really help nausea.

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try the devil’s lettuce.


I didn’t even think of that! I’m going to dig around in the cupboard and see what I can find.


That is actually excellent advice. I figured the nausea was normal because the doctor and pharmacist mentioned it as a side affect.


I hope you have a speedy recovery. :hugs:

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just salted 3 slabs of ribs and grabbed some lump coal… not sure what the rest of the proteins should be

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MORE proteins???


Big ole brisket too :slight_smile: