Recipes for Vegan/Plant-Based Dishes and Meals

Yeah, the scope of my interest in cooked greens is wide and subjective so I’m definitely not stuck on creamed dishes (much less literal cream). If anything it’s more fascinating to see cream textures created in other ways. Hydrocolloids are such a bizarre and confounding (but rewarding) aspect of cooking to delve into.

Also, thanks for that link! However, that liquid kind of leaking out in the Bon Appetit picture is exactly why I was looking more into this- I think that or “weeping” from otherwise fairly homogenous mixtures is kinda gross.

To @TheCookie’s reply, the results are fairly straightforward so far in that it seems to come down to moisture management (borrowing a phrase from Dave Arnold). If you remove a certain amount of liquid from the greens or the tofu and something to bind or emulsify the rest then you seem to have a fairly stable and pudding like result. Now I’m working on the richness aspect of it- alliums and glutamate ingredients seem to be shoe-ins for that dimension so far.

It’s also pretty dynamite in lasagna and if you use no-boil noodle you don’t have to worry as much about emulsification or weeping because the noodles absorb most of that.


I recently made an Indian greens dish sarson ka saag, which is thickened with cornmeal.

If I take carrots at their peak and make a purée and don’t add the tiniest pinch of xanthan gum, it will weep—there will be a little halo of carrot juice. And I just can’t handle that. The carrot deserves better.

Tried those once. That was enough.

That’s funny, Brock is such a proponent of Southern food history I had no idea he goofed around with modernist stuff!

Regarding no boil noodles, Kenji specifically mentioned NOT using them for his spinach lasagna recipe but since one of his reasons was that they absorb water while cooking I was curious if it would pull out enough water to prevent weeping. It certainly did but it definitely has the texture drawbacks all no-boil noodles do and I’d be curious if it can be done with regular noodles considering I’ve been accounting for so many other aspects of the moisture already.

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This was the first vegan pancake recipe I came across. The aquafaba prompted me to seek out recipes not requiring that ingredient. I’m intrigued though!

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We had the hot fudge pudding cake from my 1950 Betty Crocker’s Picture Cook Book last night and it struck me that you could easily make it vegan by substituting coconut milk (or whatever) for the milk and coconut oil (or whatever) for the butter. It’s best made with first-rate cocoa powder such as Valrhona or ChefShop (successor to Pernigotti). It’s a fun dessert for a dinner party as you can have it all ready to go and add the boiling water and pop it in the oven 45 minutes before you want to serve it.

Good photos here:


If this is the best vegan Alfredo sauce, I’d hate to taste the worst. Made this for my vegan Valentine last night and it was disgusting :face_vomiting: Looked like bile, textured like caulk, and tasted putrid. He didn’t think it was as vile as I did, thankfully. Never again.

All was made right with a trip to Coolhaus for a sweet treat to cleanse the palate :ice_cream:


hahahhahhahah OMG. I kinda see where they are coming from, so it’s kind of like a vegan soubise sauce It’s not a bad idea really but I would soak or blanch the cashews (prefer almonds myself) and make a vegan cream separately then cook the onion garlic bring everything together in the pot. Hit it with a little nutmeg and the nutritional yeast to taste -blend strain.

who am i kidding i would def finish this with fat! finish with some coconut oil -think you need that fat to make it taste ‘right’

that’s brave of you to try a new recipe for Valentines day!

here’s a serious eats post on soubise in case you were wondering what that is


Thanks for linking the article on soubise and how you might have proceeded with vegan the recipe. I bet a little nutmeg would have added interest. I did add some oil (olive oil) and more lemon juice, but the sauce was beyond saving. I should have done nutritional yeast to taste. I started with the minimum suggested in the recipe (2 Tb) and it was too much. As someone who enjoys the funk of Marmite/Vegemite, the yeasty flavor in this sauce was overkill.

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How could anyone imagine that making a smoothie of alliums boiled in vegetable broth, raw cashews, and nutritional yeast and pouring that over pasta would give you anything remotely similar to fettuccine all’Alfredo?

I think the biggest challenge for creating a vegan version is that flavor of the original dish is delicate and subtle, just fat, salt, and umami, and the commonly available vegan sources of concentrated umami—tomatoes, dried shiitake, soy sauce, kombu, Marmite—have very assertive flavors. Shio koji might be worth experimenting with.


This recipe at least cooks the cashews, suggests nut milk instead of broth for richness, and gets body from cauliflower instead of alliums, which don’t belong in the dish. But with all that nutritional yeast and lemon zest it’s not going to taste anything like the original.

Maybe nutritional yeast does taste something like some American “parmesan.”

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I wish I had gone with the Serious Eats recipe instead, though I don’t think I’ll want to try cooking vegan alfredo ever again :grimacing:

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It was a bit of a thought was exercise for my own curiosity and not really Alfredo but i bet it would make a great pasta sauce with some sautéed mushrooms and a hearty pasta shape

Vegenaise! Yes, I’m a broken record. I can understand if you want to stretch yourself and do everything from scratch. In that case I agree about using Cauliflower over Cashews. But if you want to cheat…

Mix it w/Vegetable broth or Better Than Bullion (veggie or shroom base) and your spices of choice.

Just ignore my overcooked pasta, but you get the idea.


Black Beans & Sausage

Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Beans, Sm Amount of leftover Kidney Beans, Fried Beyond Bratwurst, Garlic, Onion, Dried Chili Pepper Pods, My Chili Powder Blend, Vegan Butter, Better Than Bouillon, Tamari (my sister says soy sauce brings that umami :wink:).

Polenta Squares

Bob Mill’s Polenta/Corn Grits. I substituted butter w/Vegan Butter. Top with your favorite Vegan Cheese & broil to melt (photo was before broil)

Mixed Greens w/Pepitas

Photo is before the dressing - Lime Juice, Grapeseed Oil, Honey, Chili Powder Blend, Salt.


Shepherd’s Pie

Sautéed Vegan Ground Beef Crumbles, Onions, Garlic, Carrots, Spices.

Topped with Mashed Potatoes (3 Trees Almond Milk, Vegan Butter, Salt, Pepper), sprinkled w/mix of Breadcrumbs & Vegan Parmesan then broiled until crispy.


It’s not soy based, but I use Ripple brand plant based half and half for cooking with great results. I have used it to make creamed spinach and creamed corn a few times and it turns out great. I avoid dairy and soy both, so the Ripple half and half is a great substitute for me.


Thanks for the recommendation!

I think you, @Luluthemagnificent, and I are on a similar wavelength!

No photos, but I did a Shepherd’s Pie/Gardner’s Pie with a base of Beyond Meat crumbles, onions, garlic, carrots, peas, celery, and a whole lot of mushrooms; added a small amount of Better than Bouillon chicken broth as it was too dry. Then a topping of mashed Yukon Gold and Russet potatoes with garlic bread crumbs on top. It was good! What vegan parm did you use?