Recommendations for vegetarian-friendly spots to take visitors

Mediterranean/Middle East is real easy for Vegans and vegetarians. Many of the dishes tend to be very obviously meat-centric or no meat at all. Most of the mezze dishes are vegetarian if not vegan-friendly. And the food of this cuisine is pretty substantial and satisfying as well. And most eateries usually offer shrimp and/or salmon.


This has been my experience, as well. A few of my veg or Kosher friends (the latter end up being functionally veg at most places) actually really seem to like Persian. I know for myself that tahdig + veg stew + lentil soup is quite a satisfying meal.

Excellent idea, and perhaps quite fun for family members if they don’t have Ethiopian where they are. I vaguely recall Meals by Genet also having some “western” dishes, so a good choice for those who are less adventurous. And maybe combine it w/ a trip to the Peterson or LACMA to make a day of it.


True that. I guess what I’m getting at is, while Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food is a good choice for vegetarians, I’d probably take them to a Lebanese or Israeli place first.

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And the vast majority of these places are Lebanese. The Israeli-owned places aren’t as common , mostly concentrated around the SFV and the Fairfax area. I haven’t been to the PC places but I believe those are more Arab and Syrian.

We really like Hummus Bar & Grill on Ventura in Tarzana. The quality of the food should satisfy most. But they are almost always packed.

And, given where the OP’s lives, perhaps quite a bit of a trek w/o much else to recommend the general area (I work near that area, so…).


That’s how I feel about Necco.

Enjoy the place, but not drive-worthy if you’re located anywhere east of Mid-City/Hancock Park.

Good to know. I haven’t been myself, but, since I live like 10 mins away, I may give it a try.

And now back to the original thread. :slight_smile:

Definitely do.

Great list, thank you very much! Yes, the lard is exactly the issue.

Indian is good where I’m originally from (western New York state) but my cousins and aunts/uncles are in the NH country and don’t get to Manchester or Portsmouth that often so I think they’d enjoy some Indian here.