Rehearsal Dinner for 25-30 in/near Aliso Viejo

Looking for a venue for a rehearsal dinner. We will have people of all ages and palates, so it needs to be something relatively tame. We’re thinking Italian or Mexican will have the most appeal. Thinking $25-40 per person (food only). Thanks!

Only place near Aliso Viejo that comes to mind is Watermarc in Laguna Beach, which as a private room upstairs that should be perfect for your needs and party size.

Thanks, Ipse. I think with the number of kids (they will be making up the bulk of the wedding party) we’re shooting for something more suited to their palates and temperaments. We took a look at Stadium Brewing Company yesterday, and while it wouldn’t be my first choice for normally, it’s pretty solid and will probably fit our needs just fine.