Remedy Liquors in Glendale (for sake)

Located upstairs in the corner, one refrigerated section. Stocks seem fairly fresh, although a rather narrow variety. But with that said there are few interesting ones. There are some that are not my style at all and seem a bit easier to find at the likes of say Total Wine & More, some mom and pop wine shop, or…at my local NorCal Asian supermarket.

With that said here are some I recommend that are a bit niche and of possible interest to the few that care on this board.

Seikyo (top shelf left most bottle, and the bottle on the 2nd shelf from the top, 3rd from left) are double pasteurized (for export), from Hiroshima. Can’t say I’ve tried these but these should be quite refreshing to have chilled in the summer.

These are the more interesting ones that caught my eye

This one is unavailable in Northern California and the distributor or importer looks like it has an address in Atlanta, GA of all efffin places. Even my well versed sake sommelier, writer, and lecturer friend in Japan has never heard of this brewery. More info here.

Took one for the team and picked up a bottle…(aka cover me it’s going down the hatch at some point). And the stamp on the bottle shows a format I cannot comprehend. So it’s either Matrix Wachowski code, or some binary language…sigh. Hope it’s phresh enough.

This is Yuki No Bosha Junmai Daiginjo and seem to be mostly available in Southern California. Haven’t had it yet, but I personally love their low end Yamahai Junmai that doesn’t taste like a Yamahai sake.

The Junmai Ginjo is available in the refrigerator but I absolutely do not like it. Sugary sweet on the attack, very thin bodied and high acidity but no nuance like a French chardonnay …so sad. But it also could have been a bad batch… Hopefully the JD is even better

Last but not least this is one of my favorites!

Maboroshi Nakao’s Secret

The green apple aromas and minerality in this sake are very nicely done, despite not using apple yeast like their daiginjo line. First had this years ago at Izakaya Ginji San Mateo and was very impressionable…sadly no longer available on the menu and shops up here don’t carry it (let alone restaurants that I know of). So this was a good souvenir for me to relive some great memories. I would recommend this with yakitori and izakaya for sure… maybe even give it a shot with Italian (my friend who runs an Italian restaurant in Tokyo that pairs sake with his food, has this in his lineup regularly).
Wine drinkers who are adventurous, please keep this one in mind.

Remedy Liquors is about 15 to 20 mins ish drive from Bob Hope Airport. Can’t say their wine selections are all that interesting and it seemed a touch warm upstairs, so it was a good thing the sake were all nicely chilled.


Thanks for the report back @beefnoguy. Let me know how that Yuki no Bosha Junmai Daiginjo turns out, and the Ishioka (I haven’t heard of it either).

(BTW, the last hyperlink for Maboroshi looks like it’s accidentally for the Yuki no Bosha.) :wink: Thanks.

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Fixed, thanks for the catch (must have been the Den Batch #8 preview tasting I had today and another small pour of Den Batch #7 at an event an hour ago in Oakland :sweat_smile:)

I did not buy the Yuki No Bosha Junmai Daiginjo. Only got the Yoitsuru and Maboroshi Nakao’s Secret. That will be up to one of you lot to take one for the team on that JD :wink:


Thanks @beefnoguy! How was Den Batch #7 and #8? How did it compare to the #4 we tried up at Izakaya Rintaro? :slight_smile:

#8 is not released nor ready yet, and needs to go through one more pressing. What I tasted was a pre-release preview straight from the tank. Nice and juicy but not over powering. It’s got good potential and will even be better with single pasteurization.

#7 is quite vibrant and is a progression from #6. High acidity also, but I think #7 nama is still a bit young and could use some time to age (but perfectly enjoyable now, the aging is just my preference). With aging you get more umami, and right now it could still be a bit astringent which could be better with certain food pairings. #7 single pasteurized however is more complex and even better nearing room temperature.

You can now buy to drink Den #6 by the glass and bottle, at Hayato (500 mL version). And that is really effin cool.


I’ll have to check out the store this week during lunch. This might be a dumb question, but should sake always be refrigerated? Just want to make sure that I’m prepared to transport it home during traffic.

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It depends on the sake. If it is non pasteurized or single pasteurized then I would highly recommend keeping them chilled in transport, but nothing grabs that me from the section that does. There are quite a few in that section that do not need refrigeration (I’d say a majority of them), but if they do not sell very well then keeping them chilled (and depending on how chilled) will extend their quality a bit. However that also depends on how they were transported to the shop to begin with (the starting quality).

The setback of buying from the shop and transporting them back home without a cold bag (and let’s say you get stuck in traffic 1.5 hours) that condensation will form (and maybe making the label wet or loose worse case).

The Yoitsuru Tokubetsu Junmai should be ok without refrigeration and I’d say the Maboroshi Nakao’s Secret Junmai Ginjo too during transit (just keep a towel or paper towel around to absorb any condesnsation. I would keep the Yuki No Bosha chilled if you splurge a little on that one.

(The logic though is that if you are going to drink these sake chilled, is since they started off from the shop refrigerated, that you keep it chilled all the way as much as possible, rather than chilled room temperature and re-chill once you open the bottle.)
For the sake that have more structure and are enjoyable near room temperature, this shouldn’t matter as much.

The other factor to consider here is that it has been hitting high 90s and 100 F last few days. Crappy weather to do wine shopping too.


This is super helpful! Thanks…going to pick up a couple of bottles for my best friend and I’ll make sure to have a cold bag with ice packs…the hour plus drive home in the evenings is no joke.

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Actually I will throw this one in as well for a recommendation (for beginner/intermediate)

Fuku Chitose Yamahai Junmai

Quite enjoyable and light, and my wine friends enjoy it too. A bit too light for me but that’s personal preference. Plus the bottle is cute and has an owl on the label.

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One more comment, not a recommendation.

The black bottle with a green letter “g” is by Sake One in Oregon. I have not tried it but for those wanting to “buy American” can take one for the team and let us know.

If anything it’s a good picture for social media, caption with “ain’t nuthin’ but a G thang baby”.

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Thanks for this post. Very helpful.

And the bonus fun? I have a dear friend who loves every pumpkin spice possibility every fall. I clicked your link and such fun to see - “This yamahai junmai has savory aromas of pumpkin and spices with complex earthy flavors. The finish is dry and long lasting.”

Holy cow, it’s pumpkin spice sake! :grin::yum:


Taste is subjective and same for tasting notes by the distributor, but yeah try a bottle over Thanksgiving feast and see how it goes!

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Opened the Yoitsuru two nights ago. It’s not my thing and certainly not compelling enough for a repeat purchase for me, but could be an interesting niche one for beginners/intermediates to try.

For another Ibaraki prefecture sake that might be far more enjoyable (yet light, good for beginner) recommend trying the one to the left of Yoitsuru on the second shelf, which is this one

First and only time I tasted it, it had some elements of effervescence but clearly did not.

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Selection available today

I picked up 3 bottles that you suggested for my friend to try. The Yuki No Boshu Junmai Ginjo, Fuku Chitose, and Taiheikai. The fancy Yuki is going to have to be saved for my friend’s birthday as a gift.
We may try the G at some point, I sent my friends this very same photo and they said they were curious…at $20, it would be a worthwhile experiment.


I really like Ban Ryu. It is an easy-drinking, no frills sake with a no-guilt price tag ($17.99 here).

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No Maboroshi? That one is very good.

Next time. I was in a rush and didn’t have time to read your notes properly. Good thing it’s only about 10 minutes from my office, so I’m probably going to be a frequent shopper.


Don’t sweat it. Save that one for yourself! Hopefully your friend digs what you bought!

As far as @Starchtrade 's recommendation, I’ve never tried it but I just spotted it yesterday at a Northern California Costco. Unfortunately I did not have time to drop by the Costco in LA to scout out what they have.

They sell sake at Costco? :exploding_head:

Only at some Costco’s in Northern California.

One distributor in particular I’m guessing doesn’t make a lot of money so they have to unload inventory that way in bulk. They have some presence in Southern California, but for some strange reason there’s not many buying their sake (and there are some gems in their portfolio…doh).