Republique - Stunning Brunch, Lunch & Pastries Galore [Thoughts + Pics]

We passed by about 4pm and they weren’t crowded.

Damn. How are you suppose to choose from all those desserts/pastries?

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buy 1 of each, problem solved.


Update 2:

Met a good friend for Brunch, and she chose Republique. Couldn’t wait to see how Chef Walter Manzke and Pastry Chef Margarita Manzke’s creations had progressed. :slight_smile:

After getting through the line, a smile started to build across my face as we reached the Pastry counter:

So many good things to choose from! :smile:

Unburnt Bread:

The interior of Republique is really one of the prettiest in the city. Such a relaxing place to enjoy Brunch! :blush:

Bostock (Almond-filled Tea Cake with Matcha Tea, Raspberries and Toasted Almonds):

This was restrained, not too sweet, really fragrant from the Toasted Almonds and Almond Paste Filling. The Matcha Green Tea added a nice counterpoint to the general moist, lightly sweet Tea Cake. :slight_smile:

Blood Orange Vanilla Donut:

This sounded too intriguing to pass up! Sadly it was just OK. It wasn’t bad, but it was slightly dryish (a Cake Donut), but the Blood Orange Vanilla flavors were nice.

Coffee Caramel Eclair:

Now this was amazing! A beautiful, fragrant Coffee flavor mixed with a light, nutty Caramel whipped into a delicate Cream. A good Eclair. :slight_smile:

Strawberry Coffee Cake:

This was a “Coffee Cake”-style of sweet, not “Coffee-flavored,” so this worked well with the fresh, seasonal Strawberries now coming into season. Moist, crumbly Coffee Cake, really fragrant, sweet Strawberries with just a note of tartness, which worked great here.

LA MILL Loose Leaf Genmai Cha from Japan:

Surprisingly good Loose Leaf Japanese Genmai Cha from LA MILL, wonderful Sencha Green Tea flavors, with the nuttiness from Toasted Brown Rice.

Creme Brulee Bombolini:

This must be my favorite Pastry from Republique currently.

Sugar-glazed exterior, fluffy interior gives way to this amazing silky Custard. This is fantastic! :blush:

Mushroom Omelette (Local Chanterelle Mushrooms, Bloomsdale Spinach, Goat Cheese):

The Arugula Salad is wonderfully bitter, and a good contrast to their Omelette. The Omelette is nicely cooked (thankfully not overcooked like most Omelettes around here are), still relatively moist and airy enough. The Chanterelle Mushrooms and Bloomsdale Spinach are a great combination, and the Goat Cheese gives just enough funk to enliven the dish. :slight_smile:

Kimchi Fried Rice (Beef Short Ribs, Soft Farm Eggs):

I don’t remember our first Kimchi Fried Rice being as good as it was today. This has to be one of the best Brunch dishes in L.A. that we’ve had! :blush:

Imagine soft, tender, nearly melting morsels of Beef Short Rib sauteed with Kimchi and Rice, and then topped with Farm Fresh Soft Eggs. Break it apart and mix it all together and you get this luscious taste from the Egg Yolks, the meaty tender Short Ribs, and this fermented tart light spiciness from the Kimchi all sauteed together with Rice.

It’s absolutely delicious! :heart:

Now that we’ve explored enough of the Brunch menu (but not even close to enough for the Pastry case :smile:), Republique has really grown on me. From the beautiful, sunny interior, to the massive array of Pastries and some standouts on their Brunch Menu, Republique is just a great place to meet up with friends and family and start your day. :slight_smile:

624 S. La Brea Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036
Tel: (310) 362-6115


Love this report. I usually drop by on weekdays. It looks like the bakery offers much more variety on weekends. I may have to brave the hordes. :slight_smile:


Hi @Bookwich,

Oh, good observation! Didn’t realize weekdays’ Pastries selection might be less than the weekend.

I’ve found that on weekends (like today), getting there before 9:30 a.m. (maybe by 9 a.m.) is ideal. There were only 10 people ahead of us, and the line moved quickly.

By the time we left around 10:30 a.m. or so, it was the monstrous line that we’ve seen before LOL. :slight_smile:

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No key lime pie or berry tres leches?

@Chowseeker1999 I might have to try that kimchi fried rice. Thanks

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If memory correctly serves me, kimchi fried rice egg thing has been a regular the menu for a while. Very popular.

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Those Sticky Bombs pair wonderfully with their Lemon-Basil Spritz. Or just a fork and napkin.


I’ve only been to Republique a few times, but, if you’re in the mood for great pastries, it’s worth it.

@Chowseeker1999: how intense w/ the matcha flavor in the cake?

How was the moisture level in the rice? The last time i got it it was terrible, way too wet and soggy. More like kimchi risotto, in a bad way.

Whoa. Now, we’re talking.


They weren’t serving Key Lime Pie or Berry Tres Leches! I’ll keep that in mind next time, thanks. :slight_smile: Yes, try the Kimchi Fried Riece.

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

The Matcha wasn’t lost, but it wasn’t dominating the flavors either. I thought it was just right. The Almonds (from Toasted Almonds and Almond Paste Filling) were more prominent.

Hi @PorkyBelly,

Ooh, bummer to hear. No, it wasn’t “risotto” level at all. But it wasn’t super dry like a Sam Woo Fried Rice either. There was some moisture for sure, but I think the Beef Short Ribs, Kimchi and creamy Egg Yolks combined with the Rice made it really enjoyable. :slight_smile:


For some reason, that dish has never really stood out to me. Perhaps the kimchi just doesn’t sound appealing just after eating key lime pie? Or maybe the thought of having fried rice for a main dish?

Have you had it?


Yes - it’s nothing earth-shattering, but our family likes it. Breaking the egg yolk and mixing it in tempers the flavors and adds a nice texture. It’s not exactly fried rice, and it’s definitely not risotto. It’s just a rice dish that hits the spot and adds to the entertaining and mixed atmosphere of the place.

The Republique breakfast experience is kinda whirling and blurring to me. The big outdoor-sy feeling room, the unique over-the-top pastry cases, the eclectic menu items and the crowds give me no point of reference similar to any other eatery for me. To be frank, it’s somewhay similar to Disneyland for me. Not real, fantasy-like and the price for admission can be a little hard to justify. But in the end, I had a pretty good time, and I don’t mind doing it again - once in a while.


You’re not far; Venice to La Brea during non-traffic hours is pretty quick.

Dropping by on weekday mornings is pretty easy and there are rarely any real lines.

Once I stopped thinking of it as a destination, and began thinking of it as a great bakery with food items, I liked it much more. :slight_smile:

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Venice Blvd is one of the de facto freeways between the Westside and that general part of LA. Unfortunately, I work during the week - pretty much exclusively in the Westside - and am not living the baller life like you! :wink::joy::laughing::kissing_closed_eyes:

Weekends are usually my only opportunity to head out so we go early or not at all - because of traffic.

I find Republique’s pastry case selection to be mind-blowing. Quality is first rate, but not the best that I’ve tried. Sycamore Kitchen is where I prefer to go in that immediate area when it comes to pastry stuff. The food - while not highfalutin - is always very good as well.


You probably already know this, but for a little lower key experience, Sycamore Kitchen is just up the block on La Brea, and while the menu isn’t as large, there are always plenty of interesting items on it, plus Karen Hatfield’s amazing baked goods. It can also be pretty busy after 10 am on weekends, and most of the seating is out doors, but I have never felt the kind of frenzy that sometimes creeps in a Republique. (My wife and I love Republique as well, but generally only go right after it opens on weekends, or during the week.) I know that the Hatfields are now serving brunch Odys & Penelope, but we have not been --though based on how terrific Sycamore Kitchen is for breakfast/lunch items and O&P is for dinner, I suspect it is very good.