That dessert sounds and looks heavenly.

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It was so good! You have to try it.

A wonderful account of the evening. Thank you.

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Breakfast delivered by dear husband…

Kimchi Fried Rice - Beef Short Rib, Pickled Radish, Sesame Seeds, Soft Poached Eggs

…along with the standing order of Multigrain Loaf and a Sweet - today it was a repeat of the Basque Burnt Cheesecake. :blush:


What a sweet hubby. Such a lovely evening.

How long has that been on the breakfast menu? Looks great.

I’m not sure. He brings this stuff home at random. It was really good. Not a lot of kimchi funk but nice acid and heat from the pickled peppers

the kimchi fried rice? Pretty sure it’s been on the breffus menu since day one.

A new player emerges in the tasting menu game. I can only assume this will be a fantastic meal.


Damn. I’m not sure I ever realized there was a breakfast menu. Just got in line and looked at what was in front of me.

thanks for the report. glad you liked the en croute, probably my favorite dessert at republique, worth the wait.

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I ordered it on your recommendation.

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Awesome meal to go with what sounds like a lovely evening! That pork-o-platter looks awfully tempting along with the en croute.

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They were both wonderful. Had the leftover pork for dinner last night (it was a lot of food). Really good even as a leftover. Don’t where we will go to top it next year. Maybe Chi Spacca?

potato and leek beignets, gruyere, horseradish

eggs on toast, soft-scrambled eggs, santa barbara uni
my kind of surf n turf

beef tartare, seed cracker, charred eggplant, yogurt, dill


bread, rodolphe le meunier butter
The upper crust of baguettes in la

big eye tuna ceviche, sungold tomato, avocado, chile, lime
the tuna was sitting on top of some kind of tomato gelee that was a bit too tart.

channel islands rock cod, koshihikari rice, grilled maitake mushrooms, dashi
A bit unbalanced with too much acid.

spaghetti, local calamari, heirloom tomato, calabrian chile, meyer lemon
bright and acidic, but i prefer the lobster

cutting into the monkey brains

spooning out the brains

en croute, raspberry, nectarine, basil
highlight of the night @TheCookie


Yum @PorkyBelly!

It’s a gorgeous dish though.

As would anyone.

I am so looking forward to that Fruit en Croute! A couple of our SB friends have been wanting to go to Republique and were begging us to hook it up. Okay, so, we did and they’re suddenly MIA. :smirk: Hey, you asked us! Anyway, maybe we’ll stop by just for dessert. Now, that sounds like a plan!


Who’s gonna be first

3-to-2 odds it’s PB.

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We should all go together!

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We’ve done a few dinners at the table where we’ve let Chef Walter go ham in a multi course tasting menu format.

Always kills it.

One of my all time favorite wine/food pairings was a Dover sole he did with a red wine glaze, mushrooms and truffles. We were drinking all aged N. Rhones and when he suggested doing a fish to go with it we were all a pretty perplexed. Then that dish came out… it was perfection.

He also did a Rib cap + Foie + truffle dish to cap off the night which was one of the more decadent things I’ve ever eaten.