Reservations now available for Tartine Bianco

Dinner only for now starting on 1/29. Looks like they just went live today for those that are interested:

I do love all things Tartine bread/pastry related and excited to see what the collaboration with Chris Bianco will bring.


I made a reservation for my birthday in March. Will be watching for reviews. I might change to Nightshade if the reviews are not positive.

I have reservations for both in February. The pricepoint for Tartine Bianco seems pretty low so it would be hard to compare. Opentable has it at less than $30? That’s a good amount to bring my kids!

No menu up yet but expect tartine bianco to be similar casual fare of flat breads, pizzas, pastas, and safe proteins. So yes totally going to take the kids soon.

The alameda supper club dinner only on the other hand would expect to be more substantial?

I’m planning on taking the kids as well so will probably stick with Tartine. Never eaten at Pizzeria Blanco so I guess this will be as close as I’ll get.

Surprised I wasn’t able to find a menu online but assume it will be online shortly.

Is this a fancy restaurant? I’m trying to get rez for the 9th and it’s all booked up. I was under the impression it was a casual pizza place.

It is. But the usual food hype being what it is…

i’m going tonight, got a 8:30p res. Will report back…