Restaurant Closings San Diego 2015

I think it was a viscious circle where he raised prices out of a finacial need and eventually priced himself out of business. Kitchen 4140 used to be my choice for bargain high end food, but when that ended I quit going as well. Very sad it’s ended. And this right after hiring a new chef.

That’s what made it so shocking, to me anyway.

Why? Job security in the food biz is pretty fleeting. And what’s to say that the new chef isn’t going to be involved with the new venture?

I hope so, Kitchen 4140 wasn’t just Farm to Table, they were a farm, so to speak, and grew a lot of vegetables and herbs for the dishes right on premises.

That’s what’s so odd.

They were struggling before the price hike, then as if to remedy the lack of traffic, they decided to raise prices.

That makes total sense.

Absolutely never. Unless you’re selling designer women’s purses.

Looks like D-Bar is closing on Dec. 20th, which is too bad. I always liked them and always had good food there

Grove Bakery in Lemon Grove has closed due to rent increases.

This was our go-to bakery when I was growing up. Their whipped cream cakes were legendary

sad to report Brabant in South Park will be closing on Dec. 30.

Not a huge surprise - they were operating in too specialized of a niche, in my opinion.

Croce’s Park West in the Mr. A’s building ground floor…
Sad…Ingrid is such a lovely person.
IMO, live music needs to be in demographic where 55+ older, like the Ranch, with tons of bank.

You are right. I don’t know what is going into the Delicias space. I think Croce’s could work there but the neighbors might get a little testy with live music.

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I think the space at Delicias would be a perfect fit.
You would want to have things shut down by 11pm and you could do piano bar and 3 piece quartet…
Hell, I could go in and play my drums to a bunch of classic 70’s and we could have air drumming contest…hee hee

As long as you could get the peeps home before Murder she Wrote and Matlock come on at 11:30pm!

Croce’s wasn’t in the ground floor of Mr. A building but several blocks north in the old Ave5 place

I was always looking out what Chef Metzger from Kitchen 4140 would do next in SD but it looks like he relocated to Palm Springs and he is now cooking at the Avalon Hotel

Yes, sorry to see him leave the area, but I’m sure he has his reasons. I hear that a new restaurant is in buildout stage (from Eater) at the 4140 location called “Red Card”, a reference to the soccer penalty. Don’t know what to expect, exactly, from the description – so we shall see. And for now (happily), no TVs.

I wasn’t exactly a fan of Mike’s BBQ in Clairemont, but I hate to see any initially-permitted restaurant forced to close due to after-the-fact complaints from people living nearby. Smoke was cited in this case, of course. Not exactly sure when they closed; just noticed a sign on the door today.

Same complaints Phil’s got when they were in Mission Hills.


All I can say is that I hope the people in North Park are more tolerant.

I don’t know but we have currently a neighbor below our apartment who smokes quite reguarly on his patio. Each time you can clearly smell the cigatette smoke and we really hate it and complained multiple times to the company who ownes the complex. Unfortunately there are no laws which would help us. I don’t want to know how painful it would be to have constantly BBQ smoke in your house.

Covenant of quiet enjoyment?