Restaurant complaints during COVID

I ordered something from a place I’ve patronized a bunch of times, and what I got tasted fine but there was a weird gritty texture in both the items, like it wasn’t blended/mixed well enough. It’s the first time I’ve ordered from this particular place since the COVID restrictions in LA began. I’ve been there plenty of times before with no issues. I know restaurants are struggling right now, and I don’t really need/want a refund. I’m cutting them some slack because I’ve never had this problem with them before.

Would sending a polite email letting them know about the issue be the way to go? How have you handled problems with restaurants during this time?

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A nice e-mail would probably go a long way in this case.


Yeah, just email them that. Or send an anonymous postcard so they can’t give you a refund.


Update: I sent a polite and brief email about my experience, telling them I did not want a refund and just wanted to give some feedback. They responded kindly and gave me a discount code for 50% off my next online order, which is nice. When I use it, of course I’ll tip on the pre-discounted amount.