Restaurant critic Gael Greene has passed

You may not be familiar with Gael Greene outside of the Big Apple, but she was a fabulous sensual restaurant critic during her tenure at New York Magazine. She was also a founder of Citymeals on Wheels, her favorite charity. She died at 88. Gael Greene never hid behind her title. No disguises. She would show up in dining rooms all over town in flamboyant fashion. You knew she was there. R.I.P., Gael…




“… I am almost never recognized on these investigatory rounds. Though I would adore being fawned over and am a fool for pampering . . . anonymity is crucial to a restaurant observer. How else can I judge what joys or abuses await the average unknown everyday guest?” …

Greene maintains that she insisted to New York founder Clay Felker, “We have to do it like Craig Claiborne does at the Times. Anonymously. I’ll have to eat a minimum of three times before judging a restaurant—with friends—like he does. And pay the check.”