Restaurants - Delivery or Pick Up Options

Raspberry Passionfruit cream :sunglasses:


Fail on my part…should have also gotten some butter for my parents to go with their baguette today. But from what I’ve been told, they’re going to shove the brisket I made for them inside Chef Manzke’s delightful bread.
Note for the Republiqué fans, I saw the other Chef Manzke filling the wine larder while I picked up my pie, treats, and cocktails.


More Emergency Kits and $8 Citywide Delivery from…


As a comparison I had kazu nori a few hours later and even though they were cut rolls the rice was much better in terms of cooked quality and flavor. Night and day and it’s crazy that the lower end version out performs the higher end version at the nozowa empire.


Saturday run

  • sugarfish must be doing banging business because it was an hour wait at 830
  • wanderlust slanging $10 pints. Japanese neopolitan = best
  • Chiang Mai Thai Cuisine still slanging amazing bowls of khao soi. order $25 and get a free drink. Sticky rice mango also now in season and delicious

the hail mary → porridge plus puffs → mee ampersand gree → n slash naka → shunji japanese cuisine bangx5

margarita - tomato, sauce, mozzarella, basil

mario + rose - rosemary, fennel sausage, smoked mozzarella, red onion

BFT - bacon-roasted fennel and tomatillos with kosho aioli, ginger pickled gooseberries and carrots, fresh herbs and greens

brown butter mochi

mad for garlic - egg noodle, garlic butter, mad sauce, parmigiano reggiano, crushed garlic crisps, parsley

nasi goreng - indonesian style fried rice, organic chicken, sambal
belacan, fried egg, acar pickles


Holy crap @PorkyBelly. Jealous.


A Hail Mary run for me as well! Happy they’re going strong


Anyone know of any meat wholesalers selling to the public ala luxe seafood etc?

Looking to purchase a meat box.

Check out Jeff Bovon on Instagram, he runs J&J Distributors
He has some meat and seafood boxes on his IG page


Gjusta opening back up tomorrow


This is great for the community. I’m feeling a little guilty lately being able to buy & eat anything that pops in my mind or sparks my fancy - there are some folks right here in L.A. literally starving right now.

I clicked on the link and saw this exchange as well.


Not sure what quality you wanted or if you were hoping for more of a CSA box experience but here’s a post and my response just below regarding some meat wholesalers selling to the public that run the spectrum from commodity to premium.


Apple Pan is doing pickup - I’ll just leave this here.


Not a steak eater myself, but just saw that Mastro’s Beverly Hills has popped up on Uber Eats.

Truxton’s (all locations) have a $7 lunch special and $3 for children. Different item each day. Order online or by their phone app. We had their Chicken Linguine with side salad. Very good and very reasonable.


On Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newson outlined a set of policies to be enacted at restaurants once California’s stay-at-home orders are lifted, including taking customer temperatures at the door, requiring servers to wear masks and gloves, reducing the number of tables by 50% to increase physical distancing and providing disposable menus.

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Yeah imma just keep ordering takeout


How do we feel about staff at places wearing masks but not gloves? Was just at The Joint, a nice high-end seafood store in Sherman Oaks that has a good dry-aged fish selection, and nobody was wearing gloves… I like the place and am toward the middle of the scale when it comes to covid hygiene/isolation/precautions, but it was enough to make me not want to go back there. It just felt sloppy for a seafood store. I suppose I could be missing something about needing tactile feedback or not constantly cross contaminating every piece of fish you’re piecing from. Also of note, they were constantly touching and adjusting their masks…