Restaurants - Delivery or Pick Up Options

Tough business model for takeout, that high-end tempura…


Glistening gloriousness!

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And at those price points, I wouldn’t want to be the guinea pig to try it…

Are these a new thing? I don’t recall ever seeing those (have only been a few times), and that looks quite delicious…

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Been a lunch time staple for a few years. And it’s indeed glorious - I usually buy 2 at a time for lunch at $10 a pop…

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Not sure about Proof’s version, but it is a style invented (according to his book, “My Bread”) by Jim Lahey, who popularized no knead bread. He wanted a thin loaf for his rather minimalist, although delicious, sandwiches served at the Sullivan Street Bakery in New York. The name means stick in Italian. I don’t remember if you bake or not, but it is a pretty easy bread to make. Here is an overly plump version of his olive iteration I made four years ago;

I wanted a little more width but the loaves are quite skinny. Proof’s version look great!


They probably got a PPP loan and have to reopen and rehire their staff to try to get the loan forgiven. Which just shows how idiotic and and poorly conceived, the “one size fits all” PPP program is. If anything puts me more on edge than mediocre food, it’s idiocy.


For $150, maybe it comes with a fryer?


PPP doesn’t require businesses to reopen.

Yes, very familiar w/ this! His recipe might’ve been one of the first I’d ever tried.

Will look for his recipe.

The sandwiches look a lot like bocadillos (and whatever they’re called in France). Once I got over how “skinny” they were, I found them quite elegant…


They’ve had them since pretty close to the beginning, but they only come out at a certain time of day, and seem to sell out pretty quickly.

Pine and Crane is back

And Joy


Fatto A Mano in Redondo is doing takeout and delivery. Marco will treat you like family


Torimatsu is open as well!

and also their next door friend Sushi Kanpachi! Chef Brian has taken over after 10 years under retired Chef Kido-san (42 years!). They had marinated smelt (nanbanzuke) that caught my eye. Also they do have Battera, and a yaki Battera version as well.

Also open next door is their Hawaiian friend Aunties Cafe!

All on Artesia x Normandie, take the 91 all the way, also Tokyo Central is nearby and Otafuku, Nagomi, I don’t know if Fukuno is open =(, Sakae Sushi is reopened for all your party platter needs (maybe Netflix/Disney Plus/Amazon Prime binge watching nights), Spoonhouse?

Can you tell I am missing the South Bay?


me too


Have you checked out the Facebook group, South Bay restaurants open during Covid19? it’s an offshoot of the original SGV open restaurant groups I posted about previously. That group was popular enough that other groups were created for DTLA, Westside and South Bay.


Just received Bulgarini’s weekly email. Special pastas this week are puttanesca and meat ravioli with almond arugula sauce. Special granita is pomegranate.


M. Georgina starts takeaway on Friday only. Jim Reichartd’s Liberty Farms Duck paired with Raft Wines from his daughter, Jennifer.


Fukagawa is also open. And Sakae seems to be VERY busy - had to wait about an hour for a small box - so orders should be made in advance with that in mind. They’ve adjusted and installed a dutch door on the side instead of using the main door.


$100 Izakaya Family-Style Dinner For Two (May 22 & May 23) | Pickup

Housemade Cold Tofu with Chilled Dashi
American Wagyu Beef Tataki
Fried Free Range Chicken Tatsuta-age
Grilled Black Cod with Saikyo Miso
Uni Risotto
Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea) Panna Cotta