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Looks like we broke him.


C’mon man!

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Between Republique and All Day Baby…

Just take my money already

Edit (since IG links don’t work)

Biscuit window this weekend. Saturday and Sunday.


A (thankfully) expanded menu from Belle Vie.


Not chow-ish, but Literati Cafe in West LA is back open (for breakfast and lunch) after being closed for many, MANY weeks. While I’m not in LOVE w/ the place, I was very sad to see it close since it’s such a local fixture and am very happy that it’s back open.


Last night on a whim I ordered dinner from Boa via Postmates as I was curious to try Boa’s (overpriced) Impossible Burger.

I have to say that for a burger delivery, the bun was nice and not soggy. However, so far I have not been an Impossible Burger fan (would rather have one of Brooks Headley’s non-Frankenfood vegan burgers at Superiority Burger in NYC) and alas the Boa Impossible Burger did not change my mind. I am not of the camp that I cannot tell the difference between meat and Impossible Burger. I think Impossible Burger has a bizarre and unmistakable weird taste.

I also had this phyllo dough cheese concoction. The phyllo dough wasn’t bad, but the cheese filling had truffle flavor (which is never good) and together with the goat cheese, it was really cloying. Would have preferred plain old spanakopita with a tangy feta cheese and please, please, no truffle flavoring.

Everything was delivered however in a very nice reusable Boa bag, so there was that.

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Agree. I hate the impossible burger.

Yuca’s is open btw. Been doing it for decades before the simple cheeseburger fad of 2019. I love the outdoor seating and the view of Hillhurst

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Today’s haul -

Fat & Flour: successful pick up of a whole key lime pie, a mini cherry apple almond, and 2 chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to dessert tonight.

Wax Paper: The bread here is no joke! It’s so good! I was in the mood for tuna, so I tried their Kai Ryssdal. It’s simple tuna salad, marinated celery, green onion vin, lettuce, olive aioli, and lemon. It’s probably the best tuna sandwich I’ve ever had. Great tuna, light and fresh flavors not bogged down by excessive amounts of mayo. You could taste each element and enjoy the chewy crispy sesame seed roll. I really enjoyed the pickle, too…not too salty or sour…just right.

Howlin’ Ray’s FAIL. I parked in the Ocean Plaza parking lot hoping to score an order from Postmates and pick up Wax Paper at the same time. In my 20 minute try after 1:30PM, I gave up and went home. It was labeled “Too Busy” and the app was locked out. However, I did see Chef Johnny Ray Zone taking a break in the shaded part of the lot. I was so looking forward to a chicken sando, wings, and sides to take home via @CiaoBob’s Far East Plaza office.

Had I had more hindsight, I’d have ordered @JLee’s Hainan chicken rice, too. I need to plan these DTLA trips better going forward.


prd x fugetsu-do x fat & flour x republique x providence x antico

prd - macau pork chop bun
@JLee still killing it with this, I think this may have been the best one yet. @Chowseeker1999, @attran99, @chewchow, @paranoidgarliclover

fugetsu-do - strawberry daifuku
pro tip: I secretly replace the strawberries with harry’s berries.

fat & flour - key lime pie, cherry apple almond crumble

republique - mango passion fruit cream pie

providence - bouillabaisse
Incredible, michelin quality takeout. Not cheap but great qpr. @TheCookie, @butteredwaffles, @NYCtoLA, @ebethsdad, @chinchi

antico - murray farms cherry, extreme vanilla bean


Looks wonderful @PorkyBelly. Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

How were Fat & Flour’s pies? How did they compare with other ones you’ve tried recently? Thanks.



They’re both really good, but the key lime pie can’t compete with the best key lime pie in la at fishing with dynamite #teamfwd @attran99, @TheCookie


Saw this yesterday and today at the former chego when I was picking up my prd. Alvin’s Amboy is now open selling burgers and raw meats.


Wow their prices for wagyu, which it looks like they get from, are the same as Snake River’s without the shipping charge. Looks like a great place. Thanks for the tip!


Yup I had a sampling of his beef today. Some pics for reference, the prices are very fair indeed.

The cote du boeuf was $56 FYI.


That cote de boeuf looks beautiful. Probably my favorite cut - well probably everyone here’s favorite cut - except maybe rib eye cap…love to see how you cooked it. Actually love to taste how you cooked it!



Picking up some underground thai takeout options at Kazoku today. Just dessert today

I decided to grill them on our kitchen grill because I was too lazy to properly pan sear them all. Also I just wanted the pure taste of the beef, so only salt and pepper, a little bit of oil rub but no butter basting or herbs.