Restaurants That Are Open Late

I figured I’d start a thread on restaurants that are open late in LA/OC in case anyone finds it useful. I know we have a lot of trucks and stands that are open late, but sit down places seem to be harder to find, imo. Please add your favs.

Last night I came across Soup Shop, a Vietnamese restaurant in Anaheim. They have two locations in Anaheim and one in South Gate. This location on State College Blvd. is open until 1:30am every day. I thought the food was quite good, but could probably use a little more salt. They do have bottles of Knorr liquid seasoning on their tables, so that was nice.

Golden popcorn chicken:

Shaken beef with garlic noodles and a fried egg added:

Rib bones pho:


Eater just came out with its own list…


Oh, well disregard then! Haha. Thanks!

Please add to the list! I trust the FTC contributors’ input. The mention of Eater’s list was just meant as a catalyst for further discussion!


Pre-Covid Ruen Pair was open until 4am. I wonder if they’ll go back to that?

I dunno about that Eater list. Dan Sung Sa used to be great but it’s a touristy dive.


Lol, I know! I was kidding. :grin: I appreciate the Eater link!

Sad how many places that used to be open past 2am are closing at 11pm or out of business.

Crispy Pork Gang is open 8am-6am seven days.

The Prince is open until 2am, closed Sundays.


Shabushi in Thai Town is open until midnight for your hotpot cravings - last call is at like 1130 though.

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Have you been to Kruang Tedd in Thai Town and tried the Khao Mok Gai? It’s very rare to find and it might be the only Thai place serving this. The sauce is out of this world good. Yelp says they close at 1am


Wally’s (SM) is open until 2 am; kitchen until 11:45 pm. Shoot me those Westside recs… :eyes:

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Thai Town, SGV and Koreatown were all filled with post-Midnight places at one time. I don’t know how much that is still the case what with the pandemic and all. From robert’s post, it sounds like Thai Town’s late night options have lessened.

Darabar Thai was another that was open late.

that’s too bad that you have that perception. I’m just glad it made it through the pandemic.

yeah it’s interesting how many late night spots are clustered around mainly Asian restaurant areas.

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Asian is a factor, but also density. Places like Thai Town, K-Town and major freeway off/on ramps all have a lot of people coming and going at all hours that a restaurant could make a good amount with a later shift. Plus now staffing shortages even at peak hours, a lot of places are opting to keep with Covid early closing hours. I think it’s going to slowly come back… but not like before…


Korean restaurants were open until the wee hours before significant numbers of non-Koreans started frequenting them. A friend in NYC took us to a 24-hour Korean place in midtown around 40 years ago, we were the only non-Koreans there.

Last time I was at Dan Sung Sa people at the next table were making racist comments. The food was fine but it was one of the most depressing restaurant experiences of my life. I switched to OB Bear.

What’s up with OB Bear, anyway? Their Instagram page hasn’t been updated in over a year. There’s a YouTube video from last April claiming they were open in a new location.

that’s unfortunate people were making racist comments, though it’s hard to necessarily fault the restaurant for that.

not sure what’s happening with OB bear but will try and get an update from them.

I don’t really care if there are koreans or non-koreans at a place to determine how good it is. AB Steak barely has any koreans right now but it’s great.

Dan Sung Sa’s owners were and are probably happy for the free-spending crowds. Just not the kind of place I’m into.

They’re serving their food at Star Night. The full original menu is available albeit with a slight price hike. No idea if they plan to reopen at the original location.

I walked or drove past that place and wondered what it was. Per Yelp they’re open until 1:30 am (12:30 Suindays). Do you know if the kitchen’s open that late?

Can’t go to ktown and dine late night and not mention the classic stalwart BCD tofu house they are open until 3AM on weekends.

And apparently sung nong dan is open super late (google says 24 hours). I’ve had their kalbijjim there at around 2am in the past.