Restaurants with $0-$20 corkage fees

Ideally in the El Segundo area and 15-20 minute drive. I think Houston’s does $0 corkage.
Does anybody have a site they use that has updated corkage fees?

We are trying to plan a work dinner with some reserve and single vintage wines. We are open to the type of cuisine. There will probably be 5-6 people so we also need no limit on # of bottles.

Water Grill has $0 corkage

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Jame Enoteca, which you can read all about courtesy of @J_L


Gjusta is gjratis

Do they provide no glasses to go along with the no seat at no table?

Hey remember that one time you went to that one restaurant that hadn’t been open for very long and you had that one bad experience that you keep referencing ad naseum even though no one else really has had that issue with that one restaurant for several years?
Well, many of us would like to forget it.


Jame is solid. Very solid.


Good suggestion.
$15 for the first 2 bottles and $25 thereafter.

Remember that 200 times people called Gjusta a restaurant?

Lots of people still complain about the long lines, long waits for food, lack of seating, and bad service.

Order a banquet at most Cantonese seafood houses and the management will usually waive corkage.

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Does Gjusta have a liquor license? From the ABC record it looks like they do not.

When I got pick up at Gjusta a couple weeks ago, they said they would have a liquor license “soon” and would be serving alcohol. I presume that means an end to their BYOB and no corkage fee days.

Without a license it’s illegal for them to allow people to drink on the premises.

Do they provide glasses?

This brings up a good question to which I never knew the answer: Is allowing (or not discouraging) BYOB at a restaurant location which does not yet have a liquor license considered a “red flag” in the liquor license application process for that business?



Yes. It can lead to the application being rejected.

Only if you tell the ABC

Or if you are KevinEats

Or the neighbors who have been fighting the license application do.

Always brings to mind the Amuse Cafe (Brooke Williamson) kerfuffle in Venice in 2003. One of many in that part of town…and others elsewhere. Begging ignorance of the law and forgiveness by the City and/or ABC at your public hearing(s) and with decision-makers may not work to your benefit.