Return to Sender - New York's NoMad Arrives in L.A. - Mezzanine [Thoughts + Pics]



When I saw shade being thrown in the title, I was like, “Well, this should at least be a good read.”

Yikes, yikes, yikes. Thanks for taking one for the team. I was planning to just walk through and maybe have a drink, and it sounds like maybe I’ll just walk through and skip the drink!


You are so kind… I would have pushed aside the garnish and reconstructed the chicken, then sent the plate back to the chef.


The Humm Dog is good.

Which is, of course, not offered in The Mezzanine.

I ate at Mezzanine within the first week of opening with @CiaoBob, and I quickly, politely decided not to review it. The meal was so disappointing. CB and I agreed that we should at least warn the public about the $98 of dry-ass chicken breast being masqueraded as the next big thing in L.A. NYC definitely did not bring their A-game to L.A. (and I dare say that NYC’s current A-game may not even make much of a dent when compared to the bold food renaissance going on across L.A. right now).

Downstairs, the picture looks better at The Lobby - The Humm Dog and Milk & Honey dessert are quite good.


Two words for the Mezzanine, overpriced and gross. My worst two meals this year have been from the “Made Nice” team.


This is such a shame. The NYC location I went to a few years ago was quite fun and good.
Guess I can skip it. Thanks for taking one for the team, @Chowseeker1999. Your valiant efforts are much appreciated.


Ate in the lobby restaurant a few weeks back and that was our sentiment as well. Unbelievably lackluster food. Shit service to boot…


Isn’t it fascinating how mediocre (or in this case bad) these NYC restaurants are? The hype machine out there is something else

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Social media posts show that they present a whole chicken to you —then presumable its taken back and carved and re- presented? No hint of truffle stuffing? How disappointing… maybe they can blame it on the foie ban as the original in nyc is foie and truffles.


There’s a ban right now? Had foie last night…

I can’t quickly find anything more current than this:

From the photos it doesn’t look like chowseeker got anywhere close to the whole chicken. I’d have been tacky and ask for the rest to go.


The same theatrics were presented to each diner who ordered the damn bird. I too detected no hint of truffle in my order of chicken.


Technically, the chefs can give you the foie gras “for free”, and simply upcharge the overall cost of the rest of the meal.

Hm… Nope. Lol guess that restaurant is living on the edge.

If JGold has any vitriol left in him, he’d give this place a good Pete Wells-ian lashing. Daniel Humm needs to know his brand is being destroyed by this venture.


Sorry for the length of this. But from two days ago and oh so yelp-ish.

Ryan B.

5.0 star rating 2/16/2018
This is a restaurant with something to prove. Mostly, that they’re as good – if not better – than their big-brother in New York. The food is fantastic and the signature chicken dish stands head and shoulders above anything. In NYC, this was always one of my favorite meals, and it is now one of my favorites in Los Angeles. Get it. The drinks menu is eclectic and extensive, as one would expect. They presented us with “playing cards” when we arrived and we used one spirit based card and three “mood” cards to choose our drinks at random. A fun game and a great way to start the meal.

The radishes in butter are always perfection. The seafood bites – Fruits de Mer – is, each and every one, delicious, though I would only order again if they cycled the bites. They surprised us with an on-the-house flatbread with cheese and truffles, which was fine, but not nearly as inventive as what came before and after. The chef also surprised us with an “egg” dish made to taste like an everything bagel. Everything from the presentation to the flavors was spot on and, of all the surprise moments of the meal, this was my favorite. Then there’s the chicken. I needn’t say more than others have. It’s poultry heaven and the beer they recommend to accompany it is delicious. We finished up with the Baked Alaska, which was a very good version of the dish, though the rum used to set it aflame does overpower in the first bites.

The service felt like something out of Downton Abbey. These guys and gals are literally jumping to make sure your water never gets down past the halfway point. Many of the dishes involve an elaborate presentation, requiring more than one person… but it’s so worth it.

The one small issue I had was that the chairs – at least at my table – were fine to sit in for an hour, max. A meal at Nomad is an evening, easily over two hours, and by the halfway mark my lower back and tailbone were in anguish. They could, simply put, use more support.

And there’s one BIG issue but it doesn’t have to do with the restaurant. It has to do with the valet. It’s $10 for three hours, which is fine, but then if you go over, it’s an additional $18 an hour. The last thing I wanted to do during my meal, as we reached dessert, was constantly check my watch to make sure we weren’t going to go over. For a meal easily $100+ per person, the last thing you want is your guests worrying they’re about to get hit with a penalty for savoring their experience. Though maybe that’s why they chose the chairs!

Regardless, go, and be grateful you don’t have to fly to New York for the best chicken dish of your life.

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Who needs Pete Wells, our very own Chowseeker has been murdering restaurants via words since 2017.


Currently no ban except on farms.