Rib Eye at Osteria la Buca

After being away from Osteria la Buca for well over ten years, I picked it for a business lunch “between Pasadena and Beverly Hills.” The short rib ravioli was quite good, with fresh pasta and tasty sauce. So I scheduled another lunch for the same group several weeks later.

The pappardelle bolognese was outstanding, with fresh pasta perfectly cooked and a rich bolognese sauce. It reminded me of Felix, but Venice isn’t exactly between Pasadena and Beverly Hills.

After two winners, I decided to go for dinner with my wife. We ordered and shared the buca farm lettuces salad, the conchiglie pasta and the rib eye steak, after a woman at the next table was raving about it.

Salad was salad. Conchiglie pasta with morels was okay. Nothing wrong with it, however it didn’t rise to the level of the pappardelle I had the previous week. But the unexpected star of the meal was the rib eye steak. It had a delightful crust, and was cooked perfectly medium rare. It was served with a sauce that really brought out the beefy flavor. And it had cilantro leaves over the top, which when mixed with the sauce was kind of like a very fresh chimichuri. It was served with squash which provided different texture and much milder taste for variety. Wow. This was an unexpected treat.

Tiramisu for dessert was nothing to write home about. I’m still thinking about that steak.


thx for the report, i’ve been meaning to hit Buca up.
Will be doing it soon now, I want to try that bolognese and steak :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few solid meals at La Buca but not crave worthy where I was rushing to go back.

How are their pizzas? They look good but never hear their pies being mentioned as some of the best in the city.

I don’t know how to read reports without photos. I mean they’re fine, but i’m not drooling right now so…

La Buca is special. We went there last time the night before we had our kid years ago. She was huge. I wonder if they still do the 1/2 of wine bottle Sundays, need to return.

Do you recall what the sauce base was?

Just noticed that they have a 32oz bistecca fiorentina on the menu. Anyone tried it before? Is it real chianina beef or just a large porterhouse? It’s $91 fwiw.

No. Believe it is Piedmontese beef.

Was the rib eye a special or the rib eye cap that’s listed on the website’s menu?

Isn’t a 32oz steak basically just a standard porterhouse?

Chianina in Long Beach has actual Chianina beef, btw.

I like the piedmontese beef, seems a bit leaner but really good as long as you get it on the rare/med rare side. Marconda’s at the original farmers market carries it as well

It was the one on the menu.

Think we’ll go here for my birthday. Haven’t been in years. Last time was the night before our child was born

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Wonder if Jason Neroni was still there

I keep hearing good things about it but i haven’t been in a while either

I think Neroni’s been gone for a while. He’s at Rose Cafe in Venice now per his IG.

Yes but his son was born 7 years ago if i remember correctly from the milk bar cake post so the timing sounds right

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Warrior: we have never been in person, but delivery from this restaurant on multiple occasions has been good, good enough that I thought today that we should go in person. I was particular impressed today by their potatoes with sugo verde, their jarred Calabrian chiles, and their Buca Farms salad. The strong flavors remind me of Little Dom’s.

Peony: I liked the flavor of the squid salad. It was not strong, but just strong enough to bring out the flavor of the squid. The sourness level was just right. I liked the tomatillo sauce for the branzino. Overall I like the food and it works really well for delivery food.